August 12, 2004

More *cricket-cricket-cricket*

Ann Coulter has a new column out. Here's one portion that cannot be said any simplier:

Ann Coulter Kerry is demanding to be made president on the basis of spending four months in Vietnam 35 years ago. And yet the men who know what he did during those four months don't think he's fit to be dogcatcher. That seems newsworthy to me, but I must be wrong since the media have engineered a total blackout of the Swift Boat Veterans.


With their commitment to free speech and a robust exchange of ideas (i.e., "child pornography" and "sedition"), the Democratic National Committee is threatening to sue TV stations that run the Swift Boat Veterans' paid ads. Sue? Can you tell already that there are two lawyers at the top of the Democratic ticket? These are the same people who accuse John Ashcroft of shredding the Bill of Rights. WHY ISN'T THE PRESS COVERING THIS??? Wait, now I remember. OK, never mind. (Contribute to the Swift Boat Veterans here.)

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seems to me that the Swifties paid for their air time...and it's their right to speak out as they see fit. Kerry's people air what they want! And, if you haven't yet seen it, ACT UP has (what I consider) a funny anti-Bush ad themselves. Will Farrell outdoes himself on it.

Posted by: Da Goddess at August 13, 2004 08:46 AM

Check out the apolitical and see what they say about the Swifties.

Posted by: The Other Mike S at August 13, 2004 02:53 PM

"the men who know what he did during those four months"

Let's see... who to give credence to... Ann Blowhard Coulter.... John McCain... Ann Blowjob Coulter... John McCain? Hmmmmm, tough choice eh?

These Swift Boat vets are people with a thirty year old ax to grind... as evidenced in their own letter "The purpose of Swiftvets is to present the truth about John Kerry's post-Vietnam charges of war crimes and John Kerry's own Vietnam record."

Republicans like to point out how this indicates a lack of integrity and character on Kerry's part. I almost choked on my french toast when I read that. Regardless of what comes out about this, a couple things need to be kept in mind.

Kerry was on a river in Vietnam... Bush was snorting cocaine and drinking in Alabama. Keep in mind a Swift Boat on a river in Vietnam is not a pleasure cruise.

Kerry may have fudged his medals, Bush has fudged 18 months of service, in the Vietnam era National Guard, and has lied consistently about it.

So, even if Kerry has lied about his medals, he's still the better candidate. These Swift Boat fellas need to let go of their grudge from '71, when Kerry testified. It was just another "youthful indiscretion". So, if people want to start comparing Kerry and Bush, have at it.

As far as airing the ad, how many times have republicans or conservatives tried to stop left ads? I guess the DNC learned their lessons well.

Posted by: scroff at August 14, 2004 11:52 AM
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