March 31, 2008

Back to School Again

The Spring 2008 quarter began today and my one (and only) class for the quarter starts tomorrow eight freakin AM in the morning. I hate early morning classes when they're scheduled this early, but hey - go where they say to go for the class.

The class I'm taking is ECE 107 Electromagnetism and I'm sure it'll be a 'fun' class....especially since most of the students in the lecture hall won't be awake until half-way through it.

I'm only taking one class this quarter as (put simply) some medical issues have made attending classes a major chore. Plus, it's the only class that I need that is offered that doesn't conflict with dialysis.


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April 06, 2007

Spring Quarter

Spring quarter began on Monday and I'm back into the fray already.

This quarter I'm taking three classes again. They are:

It's basically the same mix as last quarter.

The ECE class is basically going to be like my Linear Algebra class - reviewed at high-speed and the intensity cranked up a little. The prof says that it'll also include some 'applications' in the course and I'm hoping that he's going to do that. It would be nice to see what all high-level math I learned has some meaning...

The History course turns out to actually be a seminar course - about 18 students sitting around a conference table really getting into the subject matter. Although there's a butt load of reading involved, I'm looking forward to it.

And then there's the Cosmology course in Physics. This is the last class in a three-class sequence that (supposedly) will be the bulk of a minor in 'Space Sciences' offered by the Physics department here at UCSD. I'd get into the details.....if I only knew about them.

The added 'plus' is that while I'm slowly getting my engineering stuff done, I'm also completing classes in two minors - 'Space Sciences' and 'U.S. History'. It'll make a BSEE a bit more attractive.

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February 08, 2007

Collegiate Socialism

University of California, San Diego slips a little more down the slope to socialism:

Students Vote in Droves to Pass Fee Ballot

The stress and tension of last week's special election came to an end Feb. 2 with the announcement of the record-breaking passage of the athletics fee referendum that boasted the highest voter turnout in the student government's history.

Students passed the $78 intercollegiate athletics fee increase 4,991 to 3,948, with approximately 9,000 student voters amounting to a striking 41.9-percent turnout on a campus historically plagued by student apathy.

Great.....just great.

Now I have to pay more money for UCSD jocks to feel important about being jocks.

UPDATE: Well, I was hoping that my letter to the editor of the UCSD Guardian would have been printed, but it wasn't. So instead, I'll post a letter that was printed and it pretty much sums up my thoughts on having to pay for the jocks at UCSD to play sports:

Letters to the Editor

Where's the Benefit for Nonathletes?

Dear Editor:

I, for one, am glad that the athletics fee referendum passed. I receive so many benefits from this. I get to see my money spent on something irrelevant to me or my education. I think it's important that boys and girls who are induced by excess testosterone to indulge their brutish personalities in physical competition are able to do so at my expense. I should be paying for them to play games, for I'm sure they'd gladly foot the bill for activities I enjoy, such as shopping and concertgoing.

It's great to see money go to people who have already shown great fiscal responsibility. Avoiding a deficit requires the ability to count, and who are we to demand that level of intelligence from university employees?

I've also enjoyed witnessing the athletes' violations of campaign policy. I've enjoyed seeing the athletes trash campus, spewing flyers like confetti all over the ground around Geisel Library after being banned from campaigning. And after we heard Assistant Vice President of Athletic Relations Kari Gohd sum up the athletics department's position on morality by coining the catchphrase "An allegation of harassment is not in fact a bylaw violation," I, for one, was truly excited to be forced to give money to those both financially irresponsible and morally bankrupt.

The whole issue has warmed my heart up to UCSD athletes (so much that my blood nearly boils). The athletes are right. UCSD sports are very necessary for campus well-being - I don't know how I'd be able to memorize the periodic table without volleyball.

-Jeremiah Stoddard

Earl Warren College Junior

Bravo Jeremiah!

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January 07, 2007

Winter Quarter Starts Monday

The Winter 2007 quarter starts on Monday here at UCSD and I'm getting my stuff ready for it.

This quarter, I'm taking at least two courses - possibly three.

The two I'm definitely taking are ECE 173 Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic and Physics 161 Black Holes & the Milky Way Galaxy. These are the same two courses I had just started last year when I had the stroke. Obviously, I had to disenroll from them since I was in a medically-induced coma.

The third possible course is HIUS 100 Colonial Period to 1763. I call this one possible as I am enrolled in the class but will have to wait and see if I can indeed pull off taking a full-time classload considering all that I've had to deal with.

The ECE and Physics courses are part of my required classes to obtain my BSEE while the History class is geared towards a possible minor in United States History.

Can Mad Mikey pull this off without incurring another stroke?

We'll have to wait and see.....

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December 01, 2006



After agonizing over it during the summer and these last few months, I finally passed the first class in Linear Control systems this morning!!

The professor of the class excused me from the final exam last spring and administered an oral (save the jokes) final exam this morning. Although I initially stumbled, I gave decent enough answers that he passed me. I passed with a 'C', but I passed none-the-less!!

And this is a good thing considering that I'm currently about to finish the second Linear Control systems class next week - it wouldn't be so good if I passed the B-section while failing the A-section. all I have left is a total of FIVE engineering classes and two physics classes left to get my BS in Electrical Engineering.

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June 10, 2006

Final Exams Again

Although I'm only taking one class this quarter (at the insistance of my wife), it's time to prepare for the final exam.

The class is 'Linear Control System Theory' and the final exam is next Friday morning which means that I've got just under a week to prepare.

The nice part of preparing is that the professor is aware of what has happened to me in the last few months and that my taking his class was risky.

And why am I mentioning this?

Well, after the final class yesterday morning, the prof walked up to me and asked how was I doing in the class and if I was ready for the final exam.

I told him that while I had more-or-less retained the subject matter from the last time I took the class (last spring), I was having trouble with the material covered in the last few much that it would be like tossing my daughter into an electronics class with no preperation. I have been reading and re-reading the chapters in the book, hoping that while staring and working the problem sets that all-of-a-sudden: click!, it would suddenly make sense. And it a small extent.

The prof told me that if I didn't feel prepared for the final exam that he'd prefer that I take an incomplete in the class and take an oral final (please, save the jokes - I've thought of them all) in the fall.

I knew that I shouldn't make a decision right then-and-there, and I told the prof that while I still have a week to prepare for the final that I'd let him know the morning of the final exam; if I felt ready, I'd walk in and take it - if I didn't feel prepared, I'd let him know and arrange to take an oral examination from him in the fall.

So.....I've got about a week to determine if I'm capable of taking the final exam. The final will cover root locus - mainly sketching a root locus drawing for a given feedback system and frequency response stuff which is what I'm shaky on.

So this week I'll be pounding this stuff into my brain and I'll see how I'm feeling come next Friday morning.

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May 24, 2006

Gimme More Money - Now!

As if there wasn't enough to pay for at school:

Student Fees Key In Scholarship Gameplan

Academic Senate revamps contentious funding plan to support athletic department and scholarships.

After a year of discussion, disagreement and delay, the newest grants-in-aid proposal — which would allow UCSD to comply with NCAA athletic scholarship requirements — has been overhauled. While the initial plan would have funded the scholarships from registration fees, the Academic Senate recently endorsed a version of the proposal that would mandate an undergraduate vote on whether to pay for scholarships through a larger athletics fee next fall — a change that may have more impact than the Academic Senate has estimated.

The student-fee referendum would increase the current quarterly athletics fee of $31 per student to a level that would stabilize the department’s budget to run programs, which fell into a $300,000 debt this year.

Great.....more inane fees to pay for inane crap at UCSD.

Well, I'll at least say that the 'bright side' to this is that the students get to vote on it.

If my memory is correct, the last few attempts at raising or creating new fees have always been voted down by UCSD students. And this one will probably meet the same fate.

I've always been of the opinion that kids are going to school to learn and that sports should be left as intermural events, like two frat houses sparing off against each other in touch football. I sure as Hell don't want to pay for some jocks to be lured to school just to use it as a springboard to professional sports. I honestly do not see the advantage(s) of having college-level sports at UCSD other than there might be some alumnii that get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that the water polo team beat the snot out of the team from UC Davis.

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April 03, 2006

Spring Quarter Begins

Today was the first day of the spring quarter and also my return to school since getting sidelined by the stroke almost three months ago.

No big surprises today - except that I'll have to remember how to do Laplace transforms for my Control Systems class.

And the only 'hassle' was trying to navigate around school using a cane and not getting tripped up by the skateborders.....

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December 06, 2005

Final Exams Update

Well, today is the day that I have all of my final exams.

At 11:30am, it's Physics 160 - Stellar Astrophysics where I'll be turning in my paper on radio telescopes and doing my PowerPoint presentation. The paper and the presentation are ready.....that's the easy part of today.

At 2:30pm, the final for ECE 102 - Intro to Analog Electronic Circuits starts. This is the one that I'm sort of dreading as:

  1. The material is challenging and there's a ton to be covered,
  2. The professor is IMO a jerk, and
  3. The professor is still a jerk.
It's not that I have an 'attitude' about this class - just the professor. Maybe this guy will indeed perform as others who've taken his classes before: he'll make the final exam easier than expected and grade on a gracious scale. I hope so....

And after this day ends, all I really have to worry about is getting ready for Christmas.

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November 30, 2005

Fall Quarter Finals

Final exams are next week and I'll be busy preparing for not only exams, but a sizeable paper for Stellar Astrophysics class on the subject of radio telescopes along with a Power Point presentation to accompany the paper.

Like the groundhog on February 2nd, I'll be coming out of my burrow sometime around next Wednesday.

With that in mind, posting will indeed be light to non-existant.

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October 31, 2005

Clown School Sometimes

Here at UCSD, there are quite a few letters sent tot he editor of the school newpaper, the UCSD Guardian. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes, they not.

And sometimes the comments left by people on the paper's website are hilarious:

Dear Editor,

What are you doing for Halloween? How about dressing up as a dead person — a victim of the Bush regime — one that has already died either in New Orleans, Iraq or crossing the U.S./Mexico border? Or put on an orange jumpsuit and bag over your head and be a torture victim in Abu Ghraib prison.

Or you could be a future victim of the Bush regime: a woman who dies of an illegal abortion, from spousal abuse, or vigilante gangs of white racists like the Minutemen. Or maybe you died under military quarantine from the bird flu, or committed suicide in 2010 because of gay bashing. Or you died in a concentration camp because you disagreed with the Bush regime. Any other ideas? But for this to have an impact, maybe you should wear signs: “victim of the Bush regime, 2006” — “died in a pandemic” — to make it clear what you mean.

— Milton H. Saier, Jr.

Professor of molecular biology, UCSD

And here's the response (so far):
The following was email to Milton "the clown" Saier. Here is his email address

To Milton "the clown" Saier,

I think a better costume idea would be to dress as a Leftist university professor who has his head buried so deep in Left-wing propaganda that he feels the need to write a letter to the school newspaper thereby revealing how impeded and clouded his mental process is. Stick to the mechanics of your area of expertise and avoid social and political issues because the hateful fear-mongering in your letter to the editor is frightful and so off-base I almost laughed. Your letter is especially frightening since you have a podium in front of a fairly sizeable group of people who you can influence. I am thankful you teach a science class and don't have the opportunity to spout nonsense in a poli-sci or sociology class.

In reality, you are tantamount to a clown; and thus, in honor of Milton Saier, I will dress as such this Halloween and wear a label bearing your name in full splendor as a feeble-minded clown on library walk this Halloween.

Happy Halloween Professor Clown.

Adam Richards

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April 04, 2005

Perspective: What's on the Midterm?

Sometimes I like to post stuff I see or have seen at school, especially from the student-run newspapers.

This particular article comes from The Muir Quarterly, now simply called 'The MQ' and this is from an issue that came out in September 2003.


Perspective: Um, what’s going to be on the midterm?

Cindy Li

Hi. I appreciate you distributing the syllabus today, the first day of class. Despite the fact that I studied the printout for less than two entire seconds, I have a few questions that have yet to be answered. I’d like to assault you with these questions now while everyone rolls their eyes at me for holding up the entire lecture and wasting the time of nearly 300 of my peers. I know you have yet to speak a word on the actual subject matter of this course, but what exactly is going to be on the midterm?

Yes, okay. Thanks. I understand now that whatever is covered during weeks one through five will be included in the midterm. I appreciate you humoring my asinine question with such patience. Unfortunately, you have yet to satisfy the level of detail that my irrational mind cares to obsess over. I’d like to know exactly, in a bulleted list, what will be asked of me on the upcoming exam.

Well, yes, I concede that this is precisely the sort of thing we come to class every day for. I understand that I essentially asked you to teach the class before you could even begin to do so and that my question basically made a mockery of any kind of course structure that you set up. Still, I’d like you to break it down so I can diligently copy down every patronizing word you say into my newly bought sparkly purple notebook.

Well, okay. I guess I’ll just attend lecture on a regular basis like the rest of the class. I will, however, continue to interrupt at every opportunity to confirm whether or not a specific principle or passage will appear on the midterm. My incessant chorus of “Will this be on the midterm?” will constantly remind you of your dislike for your job and your hatred of grade-chasing shitheads like myself.

Before you get back to speaking after I derailed your fledgling attempts at an introductory lecture, I’d like to rudely pursue another shallow, time-wasting question: what kind of curve will be used in grading this class? It’s pointless, I know, but I have a pathological disorder and need you to pander to my simpering little needs. I know that my classmates will forgive me in due time, and I just positively must know.

Oh? It says on the syllabus? On the first page? Oh, ok. I’m sorry, I guess my eyes just glazed over the 16-point “Grading Policy” heading. Thanks.

One last thing: what chapters will be covered on the final?

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April 01, 2005

Busy, Busy, BUSY!

Sorry for the light posting this week but the new quarter started on Monday of this week and I'm taking four classes this time around:

(You can get the course descriptions here.)

So with this new schedule, not to mention dialysis and family, it might be that I'll be light on posting throughout the week and probably doing it mainly on Fridays and/or the weekends.

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March 11, 2005

That Time Again...

It's that time again and no matter how much I try to squeeze my eyes shut and wish them away, those dreaded Final Exams just won't disappear.

Sigh.....I guess I'll just study for them and attempt to slay them in the arena of combat.

Luckily (and maybe not) I have my exams at the end of the week - two on Thursday and one on Friday; that'll give me a few extra days to prepare for them. And I'm lucky in the fact that a friend of mine has three on Thrusday.

I just have to figure out a way to work dialysis into it all on Thursday between those two exams....I'll either do it one day early or just skip it entirely.

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March 08, 2005

Nobody Is Home

There are only seven people sitting in the lecture hall at the beginning of my Materials class. And the prof is lecturing like it's packed.

It reminds me of that scene sequence from 'Real Genius' where a professor is lecturing to a class that is decreasing in students and increasing in tape recorders...

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March 02, 2005

It's a Good Day

You know it's a good day when you're called 'Fascist!!' on Library Walk at school cause you said you support the Patriot Act....

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February 09, 2005

Rate Your UCSD Professor

I found a website that's maintained by students here at UCSD that rates the professors.

Here is what some have to say about one of my professors:

Overall: 2
Professor: 2
Difficulty: 9
Hours/week: 3

Alright, this is for those who are doomed to take ECE 103 with Luo next year('04-'05). Unless he's going to chance how he teaches and what he puts on the exams, what I say is very true. First of all, lectures don't have at all, trust me on this, I normally never miss any lectures. Homework is sort of helpful. For the first midterm, some problems were based on the homework. But the final is the one that's tricky. And if you don't write down the correct graphs or equations on your cheat-sheet, then you're screwed. Awfully many people get C's in this class. So if you're the type that never goes to lectures and study at home, take it. The "rather simple" material turned out to be rather pain-in-the-ass. The only things that kept me going were his thick-ass glasses are funny and his thick-ass accent.

And another choice entry:
Overall: 3
Professor: 1
Difficulty: 10
Hours/week: 6

Go to class only if you want to be really really confused. What a dickface.

And they're right about the lectures: confusing to say the least - even the eggheads sit in the back and read the newspaper.

And the homework is always fun. My friend and I sit and will preface each question we ask each other about the homework with the phrase What the fuck....(and she hardly cusses!) - it's a sad state of affairs when even the book blows. I guess it's true when they say that which does not kill you makes you stronger but damn....

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February 05, 2005

Too Much Fun

Nothing says 'fun' like getting to feel crappy from dialysis and having to prepare for a midterm exam in Semiconductor Devices....

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February 03, 2005

Multiple Nuclear Detonations

Not much to post about today....

Had a quiz in my Active Circuit Design class - right after dialysis - which makes it that much more fun.

Nothing smacks of irony more than paying $30 a pop to be made to feel crappy...well, at least they bill me instead of having me fork over the cash from the dialysis chair....I digress.

Anyway....I think I did decently on it, but considering the vast amount of puzzled looks on the rest of the students in the lecture hall I take a little comfort in knowing that the bell curve for this quiz was nuked....twice.

I asked one guy coming out of the lecture hall as I was if he 'kicked ass or got his ass kicked'. He replied: I got raped.

Yup - the bell curve was nuked and then sprayed with machine-gun fire afterwards for good measure.....

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February 01, 2005

Say What? Hooked on Effing Phonics

Here at UCSD we've got professors from all over the world - quite a few of them utilizing English as a second (or third or fourth) language.

Most speak with a slight accent whereas some speak with a thick accent, but most to all of them have a great command of the English language. The sad part is that some aren't aware of some American idioms.

Case in point: I'm sitting in my Probabilities & Statistics class where we're just starting into Random Variables-

Blood curdling scream[/evil music]

-and the prof is writing on the board the following:

F(u) = P(X ≥ 2)

but what he's saying as he's writing it is:

Eff you is equal to....

This is HA-HA funny because in mathmatics everyone would have said Eff of you....

After he did this about four times, he stops and turns around cause the whole class is chuckling. No one had the heart to tell him why...

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January 05, 2005


Here is an example of some of the 'cutting-edge' articles featured in my school's newspaper:

Learn to get ahead with better foreplay
Useful tricks to improve oral and manual sex on men

Guys seem like they’re real easy, don’t they? To get off, I mean. Supposedly, it just takes a few rubs with their own hands, a few more rubs with the partner’s hand — or perhaps a few licks from willing lips — and they’re quite orgasmically satisfied. Well, first of all, although this may be true for most, it is certainly not true for all. Secondly, even if it were true that all men could easily be satisfied within a few minutes, it would be absolutely no excuse for making those experiences less than mediocre. So, today’s question arises: How can the lover make a blow job or a hand job something more than just more complicated masturbation sessions? (I’ll address the vagina in another issue.)

This is the kind of stuff happening at UCSD that just makes me shake my head and pray that my daughter goes to the U.S. Naval Academy....

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December 17, 2004

So Many Uses for an Degree in English

Another reason why I'm pursuing a degree in engineering instead of some warm & fuzzy humanities degree:

English degree.jpg

Some possible career paths for someone with a degree in English:

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November 18, 2004

You're a Moralistic Moron

Ann Coulter's new column is out. The message?

Using classical Marxist thinking, liberals can't fathom how issues like abortion and gay marriage could trump ordinary people's economic interests -– which liberals axiomatically assume are furthered by the Democrats' offers of government assistance. Democrats are saying to voters: How can you be so stupid to subordinate your own selfish economic interests to "moral values," the betterment of the country and the general welfare of people you don't even know?,
Very true. At least, there are some left-leaning bloggers that I link to that exhibit this peculiar attitude.

Needless to say, it's hard to 'reach out' when people are calling you a moron, a religious-fundamentalist bent on supporting a theologic state, or just plain retarded for excercising my free will to choose whom I'd like leading the nation.

And as always, I'm trying to take the high ground....turn the other cheek.....let them 'out' themselves as a barking moonbat.

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October 19, 2004

Ho Hum Day

Nothing to blog about today - at least, nothing interesting in the news.

Spent the day getting rained on and walking all over the frelling campus all in an attempt to get a lab for Active Circuit Design finished.

Dispite dumping way too much time into it, we (my lab partners and I) apparently failed to perform some of the more obscure steps in designing an 2nd Order Active Filter. But we lucked out: we got a TA that was extremely 'cool' and blew off our omissions. We got 10 points out of 10 for this assignment.

Now I can ever-so-slightly relax....until I start cramming for a midterm that's coming up in the next week.

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September 30, 2004

So Much for Honesty

I had to scramble this morning to change a class that I had enrolled in.

I had initially signed up for a beginner's class in German. On the first day, I decided to tell the professor that I had taken German before - in high school - but that was over 19 years ago and I had pretty much forgotten most of it. I thought that being honest was the best policy; I thought wrong.

She told me this morning that I'd have to drop the class and sign up for the next class in the Winter quarter when German 1B is offered. Crap I thought....I should have kept my mouth shut and played dumb.

So much for trying to uphold academic integrity.

Luckily, I found a Physics class that fit into the same time slot and it's not one of those calculus-intensive physics classes that make most people green-in-the-gills. This one is a class on the Solar System and from the one class session I sat in on this morning, it looks like it'll be not only a 'fun' class, but an interesting one too.

So I'm back to my original plan: two engineering courses and a 'gimme' class and considering the amount of crap I have on my plate these days (some of you know what I'm talking about), it'll be enough just to keep up with these classes.

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August 30, 2004

Truth in Engineering

Day by Day

One of the many reasons I like Engineering: Ohm's Law cannot be argued as being racist...

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August 04, 2004

Shuttle Freedom

After waiting nine months, I finally got another bike yesterday.

My last bike was stolen from right in front of my apartment last December; if I think about it for a while, I get really pissed cause that bike was practically perfect.

This model - the 2004 Raleigh M20 - is the same model as the one that was stolen; the only 'bad' thing about it was that unless I took the bike in all black (yes, this photo is different), I would have to wait an unspecified amount of time for another color variant to be shipped in.

So now, I have new-found freedom from the UCSD Shuttle and it's pain-in-the-ass schedule.

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July 29, 2004

Draggin Hardcore

Been busy the last few days dealing with TWO final exam papers for my summer classes.

The first was on the use of the Anthem of the Soviet Union as propaganda for my Music & War class. I had to give an oral presentation with this paper and I used the movie The Hunt for Red October to demonstrate the anthem. (It is the scene where Sean Connery is annoucing the ship's mission to the crew as they leave Murmansk). Following that, we had our Final Exam which went pretty well.

The second paper was an analysis of Death of a Salesman and The Crucible, both by Arthur Miller. I had to do your basic analysis on Death of a Salesman, compare/contrast it with The Crucible, and also describe how I would prooduce/direct this play if given the chance. This was for my Intro to Theater class.

I was taking both of these classes only to give a small boost to my GPA and to meet the requirements for getting my Cal Grant A grant back since tuition at UCSD is going up this coming school year.

I can honestly say that working 40 hours a week and going to summer school for TWO classes (in a five week period) is very taxing - I'm dead tired and would just love to curl up on my desk right now and take a nap...

In the meantime, I don't have much except here's a screen shot of my work computer...all the geeks in the office always compliment me on it.

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