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March 04, 2006

Observations of Life, Part I

I was resting in bed last night while my wife was going through the day's snail mail.

One piece of mail was junk mail - an offer from American Express. She pulled the 'sample' credit card away from the poster card in the envelope and proceeded to remove the flexible glue that held the 'card' to the poster card.

She was enjoying playing with it until I told her what that adhesive was called by most technicians: Gorilla snot.

She groaned and tossed it in the trash saying that the fun had been stripped knowing that it was called 'Gorilla Snot'....same material, different name - ooggged out factor: 9.4.....

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:04 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

March 03, 2006

I'm Back (Part I)

Just a quick note to say that I've arrived home from the hospital on Monday afternoon and have been 'recoverying' since then. Lots of sleep, lots of attempting to navigate my house unlike before the stroke, and having to somewhat re-learn some of the more basic skills of life - the hard way.

I havne't had a chance to read all of the blog entries on my blog that were made by Da Goddess or Smash or Pixy but from what Goddess and Smash told me in the hospital, there has been a LOT of people sending good thoughts my way and I wanted to say that I appreciate that more than you'll ever know or I'll ever be able to convey in words.

Thank You!!

DG already posted a quick synopsis of what happened, which is a good thing since I had absolutely NO idea what was happening during all of this; I'm not really sure as to exactly when I was told that I had suffered a stroke (obviously it would be after I had been awoken from the induced coma)....the entire ordeal seems like a bad collection of dreams - you know, like when you've got the flu and you keep having weird dreams while you sleep that all are connected by a weird 'theme', except that I didn't know what was going on.

The 'situation' was so bad that as DG wrote a whilte back, I was convinced that there were ducks standing behind my wife on day in the ICU room....I was convinced that one of the physical therapists helping me was on 'loaner duty' from the FBI.....I was convinced that the ICU room I was in was really one of the small houses in Chula VIsta that I initially lived in when I seperated from the Navy back in the late-90's.

Pretty deranged stuff - serious enough that they had to keep me grounded in reality, but with enough goofiness that there was a definite chuckle somewhere in there.

These 'facts' were so serious to me (in the state of mind I was in) that the nurses would always be asking those cognitive questions all the time:

  • Mike, do you know where you are?
  • Mike, who won the last Super Bowl?
  • Mike, who's president of the United States?
After a while, the questions got annoying so I started making up answers to mess with their heads, have a little fun, and to work on honing my inner smart-ass with responses such as:
    Mike, do you know what state we're in?
    The State of Anarchy.
  • Mike, what year is it?
    3974 and you damn dirty apes had better get your dirty paws off me me!!
  • Mike, what is the next holiday?
    Ground Hogs Day of course.
As I was sittng here trying to remember some of my more.....smart-ass type responses, my wife told me of my first attempt at being a smart-ass: when asked where I was, I responded: Japan, of course. The nurses started to make a note in the chart as to my (obvious) inaccurate response and I blurted out after about three seconds I'm joking!!....apparently, their note accustomed to my style of humor.

They're obviously inferior intellectually.....

I appear to have escaped any sort of permenant damage, i.e., no paralysis, no apparent dain bramage (other than really wanting to figure out the bassline to Foreigner's That Was Yesterday.) That's why I'm getting my Fender P-Bass repaired ASAP - playing bass through my amp as revenge upon my neigbors for their noisy kid and the concrete shoes that insists on running around upstairs at close to midnight.


(Money permitting)

This is one of those steps that I'm taking to reclaim my life - doing some of the things that I used to do before I decided that there more 'important' things in life.

No more.

It's now my mission to not only teach my daughter right from wrong, but to teach her some of the more 'classic' music from the late 70's/early-80's (Kiss, Rush, Supertramp, etc) lest she be brainwashed by todays' *cough* music (insert gag reflex here).

It's Old School or no school. Grrrrr.

One of my friends - we'll call him Bob - is coming out here this summer from Ohio and suggested that we put together another 'reunion tour' of our garage band Asylum Bound; he also suggested that we call it the 'I Need Another Reunion Tour Like I Need Anouther Hole In My Head' Tour. It's a bit long.....we'll work on refining it. All we really need to do is find a place to jam that will also rent him a drum kit. I'll have to dig my amp out of storage (the one that I bought in Saudi Arabia back in 1992....the one that runs off 220VAC) and I'll have to convince our guitarist to start honing his chops or die trying.

That's about it for the moment - it's taken me over two days to compose this post (as opposed to 38 minutes pre-stroke) and I'll have to indulge in my typical activity since coming home - sleep.

Thank you to everyone that sent me good thoughts & prayers - I'm still alive & kicking, so they must have worked. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to everyone for their support - especially to those that helped my wife & daughter while this happened.

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:26 PM | Comments (25) | TrackBack (3)

February 28, 2006

Mikey in Day By Day


Thank you, Chris!

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Posted by Da Goddess at 06:59 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)


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