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November 30, 2005

Fall Quarter Finals

Final exams are next week and I'll be busy preparing for not only exams, but a sizeable paper for Stellar Astrophysics class on the subject of radio telescopes along with a Power Point presentation to accompany the paper.

Like the groundhog on February 2nd, I'll be coming out of my burrow sometime around next Wednesday.

With that in mind, posting will indeed be light to non-existant.

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November 28, 2005

DUI Solution

Problem - deaths by drunk drivers continue to increase:

Lawmakers torn as DUI deaths rise

Lawmakers are torn between tougher penalties, enhanced treatment or greater use of alternative measures, such as ignition interlocks that won't allow drivers to start their engines with alcohol on their breath.

One new law that goes into effect Jan. 1 will authorize the vehicles of repeat drunken drivers with blood-alcohol levels of 0.10 percent - the legal limit is 0.08 percent - to be seized at the time of arrest and impounded for up to 15 days.

State Sen. Dave Cox, R-Fair Oaks, got legislation passed authorizing a Sacramento County pilot program in which vehicles of suspected repeat offenders can be impounded for up to 30 days and their drivers referred to an alcohol treatment program.

More than two dozen drunken-driving bills have been introduced since 2003, but a majority have been killed in committee or shelved by their authors for lack of support, including:

  • Assembly Bill 187, to increase the maximum base fine for drunken driving by 50 percent - to $1,500 rather than $1,000.

  • AB 753, to provide a one-year driver's license suspension to minors who violate the state's alcohol laws.

  • AB 1026, to cut in half the legal alcohol limit, to 0.04 percent, if a motorist has a prior drunken driving conviction.
Assemblyman Russ Bogh, R-Cherry Valley, said liberal Democrats block most legislation aimed at cracking down on drunken drivers.

"I believe that if people don't fear the consequences, they'll continue their criminal behavior," Bogh said. "And drunken drivers kill people."

Bogh's AB 4, which he called "three strikes and you're out" for drunken drivers, did not reach the Assembly floor this year. AB 4 would have permanently revoked the driver's license of anyone convicted of drunken driving three or more times.

Bogh unsuccessfully proposed in 2003 that vehicles be seized and destroyed when their drivers are drunk and commit murder, manslaughter or are repeat offenders whose records include an alcohol-involved fatality.

But Assemblyman Mark Leno, a San Francisco Democrat who chairs the Assembly Public Safety Committee, said increasing fines, boosting jail terms and permanently revoking licenses don't address the underlying problem.

"When you take away someone's driver's license for a lifetime, you take away their incentive to ever deal with their alcoholism," Leno said. "I think the approach needs to be one of illness. These are not rational acts. Clearly, alcoholism is the problem."

My solution: it's quite simple - immediate roadside execution if you blow a legal DUI administered by a police officer.

Nothing sobers up a potential drunk driver like the notion of getting a .45-caliber slug inserted into their cranium at high velocity.

I'm not kidding - better to kill/execute ONE person along Interstate 5 than to allow him/her to take out someone permenantly while they're on their way to the store to get some milk. After reporting on the first dozen or so road-side executions, you'll see that DUI rate plummet severely.

It's either this or sentence the drunk driver to a life-time of being sodomized by angry gorrillas.

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Randy You Dumbass!


Calif. Congressman Admits Taking Bribes

Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy and tax charges, admitting taking $2.4 million in bribes in a case that grew from an investigation into the sale of his home to a wide-ranging conspiracy involving payments in cash, vacations and antiques.

Cunningham, 63, entered pleas in U.S. District Court to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud, and tax evasion for underreporting his income in 2004. Cunningham answered "yes, Your Honor" when asked by U.S. District Judge Larry Burns if he had accepted bribes from someone in exchange for his performance of official duties.

Cunningham, an eight-term Republican congressman, resigned after his guilty plea. He had announced in July that he wouldn't seek re- election next year.

House Ethics rules say that any lawmaker convicted of a felony no longer should vote or participate in committee work. Under Republican caucus rules, Cunningham also would lose his chairmanship of the House Intelligence subcommittee on terrorism and human intelligence.

The former Vietnam War flying ace is known on Capitol Hill for his interest in defense issues and his occasional temperamental outbursts.

After the hearing, Cunningham was taken away for fingerprinting. He will be released on his own recognizance until a Feb. 27 sentencing hearing. He could receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

He also agreed to forfeit to the government his Rancho Santa Fe home, more than $1.8 million in cash and antiques and rugs.

In a statement, prosecutors said Cunningham admitted to receiving at least $2.4 million in bribes paid to him by several conspirators through a variety of methods, including checks totaling over $1 million, cash, rugs, antiques, furniture, yacht club fees and vacations.

"He did the worst thing an elected official can do _ he enriched himself through his position and violated the trust of those who put him there," U.S. Attorney Carol Lam said. The statement did not identify the conspirators.

The case began when authorities started investigating whether Cunningham and his wife, Nancy, used the proceeds from the $1,675,000 sale to defense contractor Mitchell Wade to buy a $2.55 million mansion in ritzy Rancho Santa Fe. Wade put the Del Mar house back on the market and sold it after nearly a year for $975,000 - a loss of $700,000.

I'll give him a slight nod of approval for at least admitting that he did it, but he's still a dumbass.

Congrats Randy - you've made yourself look beyond stupid for your stupidity, your lack of firing neurons, and your continued ineptitude for even thinking that you'd get away with this.

In addition to making yourself a 100% complete ass-hatted clown, you've provided the Dems with more ammunition to use against those Republicans that aren't in the habit of taking bribes.

Damn!! This is the kind of crap that makes me contemplate changing my voter registration back to 'Decline to State'....

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:54 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (1)

Crickets Chirping

What should you do if you wrote a book that no one wanted your autograph in it?

You'd wait....and wait....and wait some more.

Andy Warhol is rolling over in his grave about now since his prediction has come and gone for SWWNBN.

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:38 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)

November 27, 2005

Adios A-Hole

Michelle Malkin covers all the hooey over Stan 'Tookie' Williams facing a death sentence on December 13, 2005.

I've talked about him before, but what's interesting is that Michelle poses a question that begs to be answered in a smart-ass manner:

Which message will Gov. Schwarzenegger send?

Stay tuned.

Here's what I think will be Schwarzenegger's answer:

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:55 PM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

November 24, 2005

Kned Spelll Czech

Found this photo over at San Diego Indy Media in a post about students protesting the ROTC office at San Diego State University.

What caught my eye was this photo that attempts to say 'Education not War'. What's interesting is how this sign really shows that they're right - especially in the remedial spelling classes that this one young lady seems to be in dire need of. (Note the spelling on the sign)

A brain is a terrible thing to waste....especially when you need someone to spell check your protest signs....

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:46 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

November 22, 2005

Pre-emptive Resignation

Remember that numbskull prof that opened his big yapper a little too much? The idiot is not unemployed, but not because he was fired - he quit.

Furor Over an E-Mail

In an interview last night, Daly said that he was worried he would be fired Tuesday night and that he has already been told not to show up for the three classes he is scheduled to teach on Tuesday, the next day he would normally be on campus.
So the fool quit just before he got his ass canned.
Daly said he stood by the e-mail message, but that it was being taken out of context.
Say what!? What is wrong with a freakin English teacher that cannot put something into its proper context? Read the email yourself and you decide what 'proper' context he was implying.
He said that the comment about soldiers turning their guns on their superiors was meant "in the most metaphoric sense."
Metaphoric sense? Please....you're attempting to spin your complete loss of intelligence when you clicked on the SEND button. The only people you might convince are kindergarteners.
Also, he said that because Beach was never one of his students and had sent the e-mail message from her personal e-mail account, he thought she was a Young America’s Foundation organizer, and replied with that in mind.
More CYA.
Daly said that if he had known he was writing to a freshman, he would not have changed the political ideas of his note, but would have used a different tone.
Well, now you can practice your 'tone' in the mirror every morning while you comb the classified ads looking for a job moron.

On a lighter note, I'm hoping that Mr. John 'Help Wanted' Daly has a nice Thanksgiving.

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November 21, 2005

Ticket for the Gravy Train

I know that I said I'd never talk about SWWNBN any longer as it gives her unnecessary attention.

This is an exception and not because SWWNBN is penning a book (yawn), but rather a photo that I glommed from Linda at Something...and Half of Something

This photo basically say it about about SWWNBN.

Meal Ticket from Something...and Half of Something

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 10:35 AM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0)

Sheepdog Politics

This was from last Thursday evening and I'm just now getting around to commenting on it:

House votes to reject withdrawal resolution

Following three hours of intense debate, the House voted this evening 403-3 to reject a non-binding resolution to immediately withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

Responding to a call yesterday by Democratic Rep. Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania to withdraw troops from Iraq, House Republicans had scheduled a quick vote this evening to settle the issue and put lawmakers on the record.

The Republican alternative read: "It is the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately." It was proposed by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California.

Democrats accused Republicans of changing the meaning of Murtha's proposal. The Democrat hawk has said a smooth withdrawal would take six months.

House GOP leaders expected a swift rejection and that, indeed did occur.

Democrats argued the vote was a political stunt but rallied to vote against it to diminish its significance.

This particular event has a dicotomy: on one hand, it was about time that someone - anyone - put this to a open, public vote. Those certain members of Congress would have the opportunity to openly vote to show that they meant all that vile crap they were spewing were really their intention.

On the other hand, this was a non-binding resolution which meant that the House of Representatives could have been voting on a declaration that Lindsay Lohan is actually an English Sheepdog.....it carried that little weight. Had it been passed by a majority in the House, it still wouldn't make that much of an impact although those anti-war folks would be touting it as though it were a message delivered directly from God himself (even if they don't want God being included in any sort of government function).

So, here is what you got: a useless resolution that enabled anti-war House members to actually put on a 'brave face' and reject it.

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November 18, 2005

Numbskull Profs All Around

It would seem that the niche segment of dumber-than-a-bag-of-rocks professors isn't limited to UC San Diego

Prof urges fragging of U.S. officers

When Rebecca Beach, a freshman at Warren Community College in New Jersey e-mailed faculty announcing a campus program yesterday featuring decorated Iraq war hero Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, the response she got from one English professor took her aback.

English professor John Daly replied: "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors."

Daly added that he would ask his students to boycott the event and also vowed "to expose [her] right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like [Rebecca’s] won’t dare show their face on a college campus."

Besides organizing the event, Beach's offense was hanging up fliers contrasting the number of people killed under communism to those liberated under the late President Ronald Reagan, according to Young America's Foundation, which came to Beach's aid.

In response to the written tirade, Beach is demanding that Warren Community College President William Austin institute seminars on free speech and sensitivity to teach intolerant faculty members to be respectful of differing opinion.

The college has posted a statement on its website repudiating Prof. Daly's comments.

Press Release
November 17, 2005

Warren County Community College is a "students first" college where learning without limits is always the main goal. We maintain a mission of building a community of learners through accessible, quality learning opportunities designed to meet personal aspirations for all students.

It has been brought to the administration's attention that a part-time instructor, Mr. John Daly, speaking for himself and using his personal email, sent a message to a student representing the Young Americans for Freedom in response to a personal email from her requesting him to announce an upcoming event on the campus. Mr Daly responded to her alone, and expressed his own personal views regarding his beliefs about this group.

The viewpoints of this professor in no way depict the views of Warren County Community College, its administration, or the Board of Trustees. The College does however support the constitution, the first amendment, and the right to free speech.

Additionally, Mr. Daly's message was sent as a one-to-one message, via e-mail, to one person, and not to the college community. Finally, the College is viewing this message as a personnel issue and will be addressing it according to the policies and procedures of the College.

Dr. Austin, college president stated, "I firmly believe every employee and student has first amendment rights, no matter how repugnant I personally find Mr. Daly's statements. [Emphasis mine - MM] Our attorneys have advised us of our obligation to follow state laws, board policies, and college due process in regards to any personnel matter. We are now investigating this matter further."

Daly's e-mail also claimed that "capitalism has killed many more" people than communism and that "poor and working class people" are recruited to "fight and die for EXXON and other corporations."

"John Daly was hired to teach English, not to verbally attack students and lead leftist protests," said Jason Mattera, spokesman for Young America’s Foundation.

It's always a trip into WTFland when I see crap like this. And you do realize that if a professor had said something like this to an anti-war group on campus that they'd be foaming-at-the-mouth faster than you could spell hypocrite.

Interesting note: I went to the Warren Community College to see if I could glom a photo of this dipstick - no joy. Additionally, when you eventually dig for this prof's information in the faculty pages, his e-mail addresses have been removed. I'm guessing the network administrator didn't want to contend with thousands of nasty-grams in the e-mail system.

Read More of "Numbskull Profs All Around"

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Punishment Fits the Crime

I like this judges train-of-thought:

Judge makes ruling to show suspect what it was like for the kittens she abandoned

Michelle Murray will now have the opportunity to experience what the dozens of kittens felt the night she abandoned them at two Lake Metroparks in September.

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti on Thursday sentenced Murray, 25, of Painesville Township, to jail time.

But he added a stipulation to ensure that Murray "suffer the same consequences as those kittens."

"You can listen to the coyotes, hear the raccoons in the dark of night," said Cicconetti, who grew increasingly annoyed at Murray's apology attempts in court.

On the night before Thanksgiving, when Murray reports to the Lake County Jail in Painesville, she will be forced to spend a night alone in a remote area of a Lake County Metropark, according to Cicconetti sentence.

Being allowed only water, she will not be provided with food, beverage or shelter. Murray must remain in that location until "the light of dawn on Nov. 24," according to the sentence.

Ranger Chief Mike Burko said he has not yet chosen the Metropark, but will provide her with a walkie-talkie in case of emergency. Cicconetti, known for his unusual sentences, gave Murray the maximum sentence of 90 days in jail.

But the judge suspended 60 days and allowed 15 days to be served under house arrest.

After returning from the wild on Thanksgiving, she will serve 14 days in the Lake County Jail.

The suspended jail time hinges on two conditions:

  1. Murray may not own or care for any animals in the next three years.
  2. She must pay $3,200 to the Lake County Humane Society and $500 to the Metropark rangers for costs they incurred due to her actions.
"I'm sorry. I truly am sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen," Murray told the judge before the sentence.

She said she tried to contact the Lake County Humane Society, but eventually panicked after three cages of cats were dropped off at her home.

"It doesn't make any difference," the judge said.

She should also be spayed.

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Taste of Freedom

By way of Michelle Malkin (still waiting Michelle...) comes a letter penned to Sgt. Hook from someone that's in the 'thick of it' in Iraq.

This soldier wrote to his mom and asked that his letter be spread around to show that what Americans are fighting and dying for in Iraq is worth the pain.

Read More of "Taste of Freedom"

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November 17, 2005

Preperation for Thanksgiving

This makes me look forward to Thanksgiving next week.....enjoy!

Mmmmmmm....turkey with gravy.....ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh!!!

[/Homer Simpson]

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Guilty of Murder - Doi!!

Smith Guilty of Kidnapping, Raping and Killing Carlie Brucia

SARASOTA, Fla. — A former mechanic and father of three girls has been found guilty of kidnapping, raping and killing 11-year-old Carlie Brucia, whose abduction was caught on a security-camera video.

A jury reached its verdict Thursday in the murder trial of Joseph P. Smith. The penalty phase is set to start Nov. 28. He faces the death penalty or life in prison.

Smith nodded but showed no surprise or other visible reaction when the verdict was handed down Thursday.

Carlie's relatives hugged and wept after the decision was read.

Her mother, Susan Schorpen, said outside the courthouse that she won't rest until Smith was dead, "when he meets his maker."

"I lost one of the most precious things to me in my life because of an animal, a disgusting, perverted animal," Schorpen said. "The fact that I can never hold her again, never see her again ... I am broken."

She said the laws regarding repeat offenders need to change.

"This should never have happened," she said. "He should never have been out of jail. I think he should be sentenced and taken care of that day."

The amazing aspect of this scumbag is that he's the father of three daughters. Three. And he did this with the (I know this had to cross his mind) notion that this could happen to his daughters.

Well....with all scumbags like this that molest and murder children, I say this with the utmost sincerity: I hope you die mutherfucker. Die a horrible death at the hands of someone in prison followed by an enternity of being Satan's 'fluffer'.

This asshole should be put to death on live television followed by wild boars being allowed to tear his carcass apart.....let him serve as an example of what society thinks of shit-stains like him.

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What's in a Name?

Town Changes Name To Dish For Free TV

A town in Texas legally changed its name to "Dish" Wednesday in exchange for 10 years of free satellite television service from EchoStar Communications Corp., according to a Local 6 News report.

The small town of Clark, located about 30 minutes from Fort Worth officially made the change to Dish, Texas, Wednesday morning.

City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday night to make the name switch.

All homes within city limits now get free Dish Network equipment and programming for 10 years.

The newly-named town of Dish only has a population of 125 people.

This makes me wonder if there will be a town that will change its name to 'Boner' in exchange for free Viagra or maybe 'Douche' for free Massengill products...

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November 16, 2005

Preparing for a Good Future

Mom Makes Daughter Stand on Street Corner

Tasha Henderson got tired of her 14-year-old daughter's poor grades, her chronic lateness to class and her talking back to her teachers, so she decided to teach the girl a lesson.

She made Coretha stand at a busy Oklahoma City intersection Nov. 4 with a cardboard sign that read: "I don't do my homework and I act up in school, so my parents are preparing me for my future. Will work for food."

"This may not work. I'm not a professional," said Henderson, a 34- year-old mother of three. "But I felt I owed it to my child to at least try."

In fact, Henderson has seen a turnaround in her daughter's behavior in the past week and a half. But the punishment prompted letters and calls to talk radio from people either praising the woman or blasting her for publicly humiliating her daughter.

"The parents of that girl need more education than she does if they can't see that the worst scenario in this case is to kill their daughter psychologically," Suzanne Ball said in a letter to The Oklahoman.

Marvin Lyle, 52, said in an interview: "I don't see anything wrong with it. I see the other extreme where parents don't care what the kids do, and at least she wants to help her kid."

I see nothing wrong with preparing her kid to stand on a street corner and bum for handouts. Of course, if this mother didn't do something drastic like this and her kid did become a bum, who do you think would be 'to blame' in this oh-so-wonderful world that encourages the victim mentality? You get three guesses and the first two don't count.

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News You Can Use Del Seks

  • With statements like these coming from DHS Secretary Chertoff, it's no wonder that there are people volunteering for the Minutemen Project.

  • Dicotomy: Clinton say one thing now whereas seven years ago he was singing a different tune.

  • Glad they decided to leave well-enough alone.

  • Well of course Harry Reid is 'concerned' - it's not his party that won the White House last year. It's called to the victor go the spoils for a reason Harry...

  • SWWNBN is desparetly attempting to stay relavent in the anti-war movement.

  • I wonder if some chicken soup would help or hurt....

  • Yet another reason why I drive a Toyota.

  • Now if they could only get rid of the rest of those pork-barrel projects that are 99.999% useless.

  • That's right - they may not be referred to as 'cute' or 'cuddly' any longer

  • I wonder why Paul is trying to help land mines...?

  • This revalation will have some people kicking their dogs this evening...

  • This is almost as bad as Are we there yet!? being asked for the 10th time in an hour.

  • Here's a suggestion: how about making cars that don't suck so much?

  • How about just blowing their heads off instead of special plates?

  • Paul must have a terrific set of lungs to pull this off.

  • The sad this about this is that if proven that it won't rate a small 'blip' on the radar screen of the MSM....

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November 14, 2005

Clowns to the Left of Me...

I don't know if anyone knows but I drive a pick-up truck - a Toyota Tacoma to be precise.

WHAT!?!?! He's driving an import!?! Yes, I do indeed.

To be honest, my choice in foreign vs. domestic was based on two reasons:

  1. Toyota pick-ups last a long time and take a lot of abuse, and
  2. American vehicles just plain suck.
Between my wife and I, we've owned three different Fords and we didn't want to be dealing with the 98,000 mile transmission failure - especially since I was attempting to get through college before I bought another vehicle.

Not very 'patriotic' I realize, but to me my priority was to my family first, i.e., not getting us into deep debt with a crappy vehicle that I'd owe more on than it's actually worth.

But I'm digressing from my original intention....

I was getting gas at the CostCo (it'll always be Price Club to me) on Morena Blvd this morning before heading into work.

As I'm sure many guys will agree, my truck is a bit messy considing my schedule. I tend to throw junk onto the floor in the front and clean it up when presented with the chance. Such a chance is (for me) usually when I'm filling up my gas tank.

So....after jamming the nozzle into the gas tank and setting the catch, I walked around to the passenger side of the truck and started gathering all of the junk/trash on the floor. This - like most times - means crushed diet soda cans and half-empty bottle of water.

As I walked around the truck to deposit all these containers that were at the moment over-flowing in my arms, a voice rang out:

Don't you believe in recycling?

I turned to see who said it; a gentlemen of about 40 years was pumping gas into his Toyota Corolla behind my truck.

Uhhh, recycling? I usually don't have time nor the space to store all the cans & bottles.... I replied.

*Who the frack was this guy questioning me!?!*

A pause and then he responded: Ahhh....I don't buy that....

I looked at this nimrod for a moment or two while listening for that distinctive 'CLUNK!' from the gas nozzle automatically shutting off.

I looked at this eco-psycho for a moment longer and replied: I live in an apartment that doesn't have a lot of storage place for this crap. Besides, I pay the CRV when I buy them, so to me that exempts me from hauling eight bags of crushed cans down to the recycling place.

A look of irritation flashed across this face.

Don't you feel any responsibility for helping to the save the environment?!?! he said.

I thought about how I could respond to this nimrod: politely, harshly, or simply ignore him and his stupid question. Then I thought actions speak louder than words.

With that thought in mind, I walked over to him and dumped all the cans and plastic bottles at his feet and said to him "Here - you're more responsible than I am so you can take care of it."

As I walked back to my truck to finish pumping my gas, I heard him sputtering under his breath in between the sounds of laughter coming from the older lady that was pumping gas into her BMW and listening to us.

And as I pulled out of the gas station, I saw this eco-freindly gentlemen doing what he was at first appaled by: he was tossing the cans and bottles into the garbage can.

And it didn't surprise me one-little-bit. This clown had the temerity to chastise me about throwing them away, but it wasn't a problem if HE did it himself. It's exactly what I've come to expect from ecology nimrods and liberals: talk the talk, but wimp out when it comes to walking the walk.

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November 13, 2005

Boyle's Law on the WTC Collapse

Michelle Malkin (35 days and still no response e-mail) points out a barking moonbat-of-the-day article from a physics professor that thinks 9/11 and the WTC was an 'inside job':

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

The physics of 9/11 — including how fast and symmetrically one of the World Trade Center buildings fell — prove that official explanations of the collapses are wrong, says a Brigham Young University physics professor.

In fact, it's likely that there were "pre-positioned explosives" in all three buildings at ground zero, says Steven E. Jones.

In a paper posted online Tuesday and accepted for peer-reviewed publication next year, Jones adds his voice to those of previous skeptics, including the authors of the Web site www.wtc7.net, whose research Jones quotes. Jones' article can be found at www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html.

"It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three (WTC) buildings," BYU physics professor Steven E. Jones says. Jones, who conducts research in fusion and solar energy at BYU, is calling for an independent, international scientific investigation "guided not by politicized notions and constraints but rather by observations and calculations. "It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three buildings and set off after the two plane crashes — which were actually a diversion tactic," he writes. "Muslims are (probably) not to blame for bringing down the WTC buildings after all," Jones writes.

As most of you know, while I'm not a physicist or even close to being a physicist, I am somewhat versed in the more basic laws of engineering, chemistry, and physics. I distinctly remember someone e-mailing me (how they tracked me, I don't know) a few years ago and trying - trying to convince me that those 'puffs of smoke' were actually pre-planted explosives detonating.

And I tried to explain to this person the basic understanding of Boyle's Law, which simply put is: p1V1 = p2V2, where Boyle's Law indicates that for a fixed amount of gas (fixed number of moles) at a fixed temperature, the pressure and the volume are inversely proportional.

My 'simple reasoning': as the upper structure of the WTC towers started to fail, i.e., the steel beams were crumbling/melting, the weight of the upper floors was too much to support and they started 'pancaking' - top floor falls onto the one beneath it, then that floor falls under the weight of its materials AND that of the floor above it that just fell, etc, etc.

Boyle's Law comes in here: as the upper floors collapsed and fell onto the floor(s) beneath, the volume of air on that particular floor was suddenly 'pushed' out of the windows - that's the 'puff of smoke' that appears to be a controlled demolition and that's a crock; with the pressure increasing from the sudden compression of the air on any given floor (from the ceiling falling down) and the volume being constant (as by design), the volume of air/smoke has to escape somehow and it does so by blowing out the windows.

Now before someone points out that I'm forgetting to include the dynamics of the fire that melted the steel in the building, YES I realize that.....that's why I've referred to my theory as 'simplified'.

As to why this physics prof is going out on a limb to 'prove' that this was a controlled demolition....I don't know. Maybe he's under pressure to produce a paper - on anything - just to keep his administrative bosses as BYU happy. Maybe he's inhaled too many industrial cleaning agents in the lab late at night.

And if my simplified explanation isn't enough for you, Michelle Malkin also points to all of these crackpot black helicopter theories being shot to Hell by Popular Mechanics. And any man with a modicome of mechanical knowledge knows that those guys at PM know their stuff - otherwise it would be another 'Home & Garden' magazine.

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November 12, 2005

Good Call

Another reason to like Gary Sinise in addition to his acting skills:

Sinise Named Spokesman for Veterans Group

NEW YORK (AP) - Gary Sinise will serve as the national spokesman for the Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial Foundation.

The actor, who played Vietnam vet "Lt. Dan" Taylor in "Forrest Gump," agreed to the spokesman position, it was announced Friday. The foundation is working to build a disabled veterans memorial in Washington D.C. near the Capitol.

"I am deeply moved to have been asked to participate in this absolutely necessary memorial," Sinise said in a statement. "I can only hope that my participation will help draw attention to the cause and ensure its successful fruition as the nation's first and only such tribute built specifically to these courageous men and women."

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November 08, 2005

Stupid People Bare Chests for Stupid Cause

Here is a good way to make yourself (and the 'cause' you represent) completely inane:

2 Protesters Arrested After Going Topless

SACRAMENTO -- Police arrested two members of an organization called Breasts Not Bombs after they removed their tops during a protest on the steps of the state Capitol on Monday afternoon.

The women, who were protesting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot measures for today's special election, took off their shirts despite warnings from the California Highway Patrol last week that doing so would lead to their arrests — and possibly their inclusion on the state's list of sex offenders. A federal judge Friday refused to grant a request from Breasts Not Bombs to block the police from arresting topless protesters.

Officials at the Sacramento County district attorney's office said they have not decided whether to prosecute the protesters, and if they do, whether to seek to have them listed as sex offenders.

"We have done these demonstrations from San Francisco to Mendocino to the gates of the White House and never been restrained in this way," said Breasts Not Bombs member Sherry Glaser of Albion, Calif., near Mendocino, addressing about 100 onlookers.

Soon after, Glaser, 45, removed her top and was promptly arrested. Renee Love, 40, also of Albion, was arrested after she removed her top. Both were charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and going beyond the scope of their permit to demonstrate on state property.

"The permit specifically said that nudity would not be allowed," said Tom Marshall, a CHP spokesman. "We're clearly following the law as it was written. They took us to court Friday seeking a restraining order to stop us from arresting them and the judge came down on our side."

Angered that Glaser and Love could be listed on the sex offender registry if convicted of lewd acts, state Sen. Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles) joined the protesters before their arrests to announce that she would introduce legislation to decriminalize the baring of breasts in public. "While it is legal for men to go shirtless in public in California," she said, "women risk being classified as sex offenders for baring the same body parts."

Not only are these nitwits arrested for this, but we've also got one of LA's Assemblywoman - Gloria Romero - acting like this was a grievous act to arrest them.

Gloria, you dipstick: these dorks were warned by the CHP to not do what they did. They popped out their boobs and promptly got arrested. You should be arrested just on general principles for using it as a soapbox.

The thing that's really stupid is their name: Boobs not Bombs. Ummmm, ladies? There aren't any bombs in Sacramento unless you include you twerps taking off your shirts for a stupid reason.

Well, it could have been worse: there might have been a group of metrosexual men that were part of a group called 'Schlongs not Schwarzenegger'.....

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November 07, 2005

Cynthia is On The Move

Wow....Cynthis McKinney must really be making her constituents proud with her efforts in Congress:

Congresswoman: Who killed Tupac?

WASHINGTON – Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-GA, has introduced a bill to provide for the "expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur," the rapper murdered in Las Vegas in 1996.

The bill has been referred to the Committee on Government Reform and Committee on Rules.

Afenia Shakur, Tupac's mother and a former member of the Black Panthers, is reportedly supporting the effort.

McKinney and Tupac devotees say they believe Shakur was under surveillance by the FBI and other governmental agencies at the time of the murder.

Actually Cynthia, the question you really should be asking is Who cares?....actually, I'm sure that Cynthia will venture a theory or two about how those evil Joozzzz are behind it.

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November 06, 2005

Prop 75 Exemplified

There's no need for Proposition 75 - the unions already allow it's members to 'opt out' from using their dues for political purposes.

Really? Then explain this:

Judge rejects bid to halt union levy for ballot fight

A Sacramento federal judge Friday rejected a request from about 4,000 state employees for an order barring special payroll deductions for a union fund to fight two of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's initiatives on Tuesday's ballot.

U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. had issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday prohibiting the deductions.

But after a lengthy hearing Friday, England decided not to issue a preliminary injunction, which would have remained in force until the lawsuit is resolved on its merits.

The governing body of the Service Employees International Union, Local 1000, which represents about 86,000 state employees, voted in August to deduct one-quarter of 1 percent of gross wages for the pay periods between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31 to combat Propositions 75 and 76 on Tuesday's ballot.

The assessment is being levied on the local's members and an additional 28,000 nonunion employees who work in categories covered by the local's collective bargaining agreements and who pay "fair share" dues to the union. About 4,000 of the latter group objected to the assessment because they do not oppose the two targeted initiatives.

Read More of "Prop 75 Exemplified"

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Stopping Cat Crime Wave

This seems a bit.....excessive and it makes me wonder: did the cat serve time in jail too!?

Man Jailed for Not Licensing Cat in N.D.

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - A North Dakota man has served an unusually steep sentence for having an unlicensed cat: two days in jail.

William T. Dennis, 38, was charged with failing to license his feline, which normally brings a fine. But a warrant was issued for his arrest when he didn't show up for a court appearance on the charge.

Dennis spent two days in jail before appearing in court again.

"He basically just received credit for time served," said Bismarck Municipal Judge Charles Isakson.

Failure to license an animal carries a fine up to $1,000 and a possible 30 day jail sentence in Bismarck.

"I never thought I'd sentence someone to two days in jail for this," Isakson said. "Since no situations like this are on record, I had no history to go on for sentencing."

But then again - we all know the decay of the fabric of society that comes from allowing unlicensed felines to roam around at will. First, they'll pee in the yard to mark their territory and then it gets really intense: cats whizzing all over the place!!

It's a good think this judge put a serious stop to this uncivilized behavior.

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November 05, 2005

I Hear You Knocking...

...but you can't come in:

Beatty Tries to Crash Schwarzenegger Rally

SAN DIEGO (AP) - The state's special election verged on a celebrity showdown Saturday when Warren Beatty and his wife Annette Bening attempted to crash a campaign appearance by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Hollywood couple strode side by side to the entrance of a cavernous airport hangar where the governor was about to address several hundred supporters. But they were blocked by a Schwarzenegger campaign aide, Darrel Ng, who told the "Bulworth" star he was not on the guest list and didn't have the appropriate wristband to get inside.

"You have to have a wristband to listen to the governor?" Bening asked. "He represents all of us, right?"

Beatty's appearance caused momentary confusion at the rally. Just before the governor took the stage, the hangar door was closed - literally in the face of Beatty and Bening. It was later reopened as Schwarzenegger began to speak.

Inside, Schwarzenegger told cheering supporters that his slate of four ballot proposals would "reform the broken system" in Sacramento.

In a later interview, he alluded to Beatty only indirectly.

"There's the main event, then there is the sideshow," the governor said. "I don't care about the sideshow."

Beatty drew the ire of some of the governor's supporters who called him a Hollywood liberal and a has-been actor.

"It's time for some people to retire," said former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock, who hosts a popular radio talk show. "I'm trying to be gentle about it but it's clear that Warren is over the hill and desperately looking for something else to do."

Poor Warren - he's really 'reaching' these days to make a difference.

I think I'll not watch 'Bullworth' tonight in his honor.

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November 04, 2005

Boo-Hoo Tookie

I missed this when it was announced:

Clemency next hope for kids' book writer

LOS ANGELES – A judge signed a death warrant yesterday for convicted killer Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a co-founder of the Crips street gang whose later work for peace brought him Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

Superior Court Judge William R. Pounders rejected a request by Williams' attorneys for a nine-day delay in his execution date. He's scheduled to die Dec. 13 at San Quentin prison for four murders committed in 1979.

His lawyers asked that the date be set for Dec. 22 so they would have more time to ask Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for clemency.

"This case has taken over 24 years to get to this point," Pounders said. "That is a long delay in itself and I would hate to add to that delay."

Williams, 51, was sentenced to death in 1981 for fatally shooting Albert Owens, a Whittier convenience store worker. He also was convicted of killing two Los Angeles motel owners and their daughter with a shotgun during a robbery. He has maintained his innocence.

The Dec. 13 execution date means attorneys have until Nov. 8 to submit the clemency request to the governor. The judge said Williams' lawyers could ask the governor for more time to tell him about the good work Williams has done since renouncing his gang past.

Lora Owens, Albert Owens' stepmother, said Williams doesn't deserve clemency.

"I didn't convict the man and I didn't put a death sentence on him, but I want justice for Albert to be done," Lora Owens said in a recent telephone interview.

Since being sentenced to die, Williams has written a series of children's books in his effort to curtail youth gang violence. He has been nominated five times for a Nobel Peace Prize and four times for a Nobel Prize in literature.

Dozens of death penalty opponents held a quiet demonstration outside the courtroom calling for mercy. They held a banner praising Williams' work to prevent gang violence that read, "Keeping him alive saves lives!"

One of Williams' attorneys, Peter Fleming Jr., told the judge he has never handled a death penalty case before and asked for more time to ensure that Williams' legal team could do everything possible to help him. "More than a few people have said he is worth saving," Fleming said.

Oh....isn't that sweet!? He's written children's books....that's what many of the death penalty opponents are touting as a reason that Stan 'Tookie' Williams should be spared.

And it's about as compelling as being presented with a 5 lb bag of cricket crap from Dicker & Dicker of Beverly Hills.

I spoil my cats with nummy 9-Lives food and teach my kid algebra, but if I did what he was convicted - CONVICTED - of I'd be sitting on Death Row too.

I've been hearing about this on the radio for the last few days and the main *cough* argument is that by sparing his life that other kids that are in gangs will be motivated to make a drastic life change for the better.

I don't think so Tim.

If clemency is granted, it'll just show those 'impressionable youths' that you can murder people in cold blood and not have to face a death sentence.

Hell - I say take this sucker out on Pay-Per-View television. Record the sentence being carried out and play it on big monitors at school functions to show what crime really gets you these days.

So long 'Tookie' - hope you like having pineapples shoved up your ass on a daily basis by Satan himself.

Read More of "Boo-Hoo Tookie"

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November 03, 2005

Thumbs up?

Vandals Should Have Thumbs Cut Off

RENO, Nev. — Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has suggested that those who deface freeways with graffiti should have their thumbs cut off on television.

Goodman, appearing Wednesday on the "Nevada Newsmakers" television show, said, "In the old days in France, they had beheading of people who commit heinous crimes.

"You know, we have a beautiful highway landscaping redevelopment in our downtown. We have desert tortoises and beautiful paintings of flora and fauna. These punks come along and deface it.

"I'm saying maybe you put them on TV and cut off a thumb," the mayor added. "That may be the right thing to do."

Sounds good to me.

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November 02, 2005

Food Fight?

Well this is so.....stupid:

'Party trumps race' for Steele foes

Black Democratic leaders in Maryland say that racially tinged attacks against Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele in his bid for the U.S. Senate are fair because he is a conservative Republican.

Such attacks against the first black man to win a statewide election in Maryland include pelting him with Oreo cookies during a campaign appearance, calling him an "Uncle Tom" and depicting him as a black-faced minstrel on a liberal Web log.

Operatives for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) also obtained a copy of his credit report -- the only Republican candidate so targeted.

But black Democrats say there is nothing wrong with "pointing out the obvious."

Since Democrats also tout being 'liberal and equality minded', does this mean that if anyone opposes a Japanese-American that's Republican that it would be okay to throw 'Cheese Nips'? Or maybe fling a box of 'Spic-N-Span' at a hispanic Republican? Or how about marshmellows at white Republicans?

Just curious...

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