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August 13, 2004

The Horror.....the Horror

Iraqi Death Bunny

Those insideous Iraqi militants are using one of Saddam's most evil weapons: Death Bunnies™

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:58 AM | Comments (7)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:58 AM | Comments (7)

August 12, 2004

'Dry Run' - A Coincidence?

There is more to the in-flight experience of Annie Jacobsen and her story about flying from Detroit to Los Angeles on June 29.

A LOT more.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:46 PM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:46 PM | Comments (5)

More *cricket-cricket-cricket*

Ann Coulter has a new column out. Here's one portion that cannot be said any simplier:

Ann Coulter Kerry is demanding to be made president on the basis of spending four months in Vietnam 35 years ago. And yet the men who know what he did during those four months don't think he's fit to be dogcatcher. That seems newsworthy to me, but I must be wrong since the media have engineered a total blackout of the Swift Boat Veterans.


With their commitment to free speech and a robust exchange of ideas (i.e., "child pornography" and "sedition"), the Democratic National Committee is threatening to sue TV stations that run the Swift Boat Veterans' paid ads. Sue? Can you tell already that there are two lawyers at the top of the Democratic ticket? These are the same people who accuse John Ashcroft of shredding the Bill of Rights. WHY ISN'T THE PRESS COVERING THIS??? Wait, now I remember. OK, never mind. (Contribute to the Swift Boat Veterans here.)

Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:57 PM | Comments (10)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:57 PM | Comments (10)


  • Earlier today, while I was eating my lunch - nummy Lunchables Cracker Stackers - I was privileged to hear the sounds of another engineer eating something. Loudly. I was certain that if I peeked over the partition wall that I would be greated with a sight equal in repulsiveness to that of a anaconda eating a rabbit or someone jamming a Carl's Jr. burger into their gaping maw like there was no tomorrow. Actually, there practically one in the same.

  • As I expected - once I got a new cell phone and renewed my contract with AT&T Wireless, everyone that used to call me constantly suddenly fell off the planet.

  • My wife and daughter were on the 11 o'clock news last night on Channel 8 because they went out to the East County to watch the Perseid Meteor shower.

  • Nothing is funnier than watching two people accuse each other of being more of a fascist; it's like watching Chihuahuas growl at each other....

  • Also funny is seeing all of the 'Please Donate' pull-down menus at MoveOnPlease.org

Posted by Mad Mikey at 02:25 PM | Comments (4)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 02:25 PM | Comments (4)


Charles over at Little Green Footballs notes the deafening silence about a certain story:

A New York Times search for Cambodia: zero results related to John F. Kerry.

A Washington Post search for Cambodia: zero results.

Mainstream media are doing their best to consign the story of Kerry’s false Christmas in Cambodia to the memory hole. It's incredibly brazen and more than a little scary, as the press unites to ignore history.

Cheerleader Network News is also strangely silent about this.

The silence is about as deafening screams of anguish that came from the Islamic community here in the U.S. after 9/11.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:51 PM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:51 PM | Comments (5)

Court Confirms the Obvious

Gee, this came out of nowhere:

Calif. Court Voids S.F. Same-Sex Marriages
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The California Supreme Court on Thursday voided the nearly 4,000 same-sex marriages sanctioned in San Francisco this year and ruled unanimously that the mayor overstepped his authority by issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.
Well of course the mayor overstepped his authority. I mean, what idiot would think that the laws passed by the California Legislature and a YES vote on a proposition do not apply to their little slice of Earth?

It's not a question of whether or not gay marriage should be allowed - it's whether one public official has the legal and moral authority to usurp the wishes of the people of California and their elected officials.

The wishes of the citizens of California have spoken, both through an approval of Proposition 22 and through the continued electing & re-electing of their representatives to Sacramento.

Now the only problem is someone clueing Gavin Newsom in on this concept....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:38 PM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:38 PM | Comments (5)

August 11, 2004

New Department Mandate: Do Your Job

U.S. to Give Border Patrol New Powers to Deport Illegal Aliens

You mean DHS is actually going to allow the Border Patrol to do their jobs!? Well good!!

Of course, I can just hear the screams of 'racism'....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:31 AM | Comments (7)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:31 AM | Comments (7)

Safety Tip

There is a reason that you're not supposed to eat paint off the walls in Kindergarten...

(Nicely glommed from Allah)

Posted by Mad Mikey at 06:55 AM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 06:55 AM | Comments (5)

August 10, 2004

Status: Blech

This is one of those days where I just cannot seem to 'wrap my brain around' anything.

I've taken notice of some items in the news, but just can't seem to get motivated about them:

In a word, today is "blech"....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:55 AM | Comments (7)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:55 AM | Comments (7)

August 09, 2004

Equal Protest Time

Citizen Smash and the local San Diego Protest Warriors had some fun yesterday at Balboa Park.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:43 AM | Comments (7)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:43 AM | Comments (7)

Product Defect

Offered without comment:

Man shot dead as bulletproof magic fails

Accra - A Ghanaian man was shot dead by a fellow villager while testing a magic spell designed to make him bulletproof, the official Ghana News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Aleobiga Aberima, 23, and around 15 other men from Lambu village, northeast Ghana, had asked a jujuman, or witchdoctor, to make them invincible to bullets.

After smearing his body with a concoction of herbs every day for two weeks, Aberima volunteered to be shot to check the spell had worked.

One of the others fetched a rifle and shot Aberima who died instantly from a single bullet.

Angry Lambu residents seized the jujuman and beat him severely until a village elder rescued him, the report added.

Tribal clashes are common in Ghana's far north, where people often resort to witchcraft in the hope of becoming invulnerable to bullets, swords and arrows. - Reuters

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:45 AM | Comments (8)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:45 AM | Comments (8)


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