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August 27, 2004

A Moment of Panic

The Political Quiz Show

Even though I'm not 100% Conservative, I worried that I'd be lumped in with Ted or Hillary.

I wasn't - I scored a 32, somewhere between Jack Kemp and Bob Dole.

(Nicely glommed from Nukevet at RNS)

Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:50 PM | Comments (20)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:50 PM | Comments (20)

August 25, 2004

Sage Words

I'm not a huge fan of his music, but I like his style:

Read More of "Sage Words"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:08 AM | Comments (8)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:08 AM | Comments (8)

San Diego Goes to the Dogs

Hold onto your hats folks: Air America is now here in San Diego

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Posted by Mad Mikey at 06:50 AM | Comments (6)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 06:50 AM | Comments (6)

August 24, 2004

Open Mouth, Insert Foot


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Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:49 AM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:49 AM | Comments (5)

August 23, 2004

Boob Wagging the Dog

From The Drudge Report:

Janet Jackson is claiming in an upcoming interview that the Bush White House used the Iraq War to distract the American public from thinking about her boob.

Read More of "Boob Wagging the Dog"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:24 AM | Comments (6)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:24 AM | Comments (6)

Cathartic Moment

I recently bought this new t-shirt from this website and wore it to work one day last week.

One of the younger engineers was looking at it and commented 'Oh, I get it now'.

I said 'You know what kind of circuit this is, right?'

'No' was his answer.

'But you're an electrical engineer! Okay, here's the input' pointing to the schematic on my shirt 'and any signal that's input induces another voltage across the transformer, which in turn is used to bias this transistor since it's an NPN type and--OH MY GOD I AM SUCH A GEEK!!

'Yeah, you are!' he replied and laughed.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:57 AM | Comments (4)

Going to the Source

Ahhhhh!! The pain!! Make it stop-PLEASE!!I heard about this latest warning from the FBI a few days ago and logged it away in my mind.

Then I see it again over at Michelle Malkin's blog and it occurred to me: why on Earth would Islamofascists want to target military recruiters? It just didn't make any sense, but then again nothing really makes sense when it's staring you right in the face.

And then it clicked: targeting military recruiters would (hopefully) cause more people to stay away from the recruitment offices and thus reduce the number of people entering military service.

The only reason I can come up with as to why recruiters would be targeted would be that military action is WORKING. This scum wouldn't waste the resources to just hit any random target - 7-Elevens around the country would garner more fear in the American public if one was bombed - they're going after the 'source' of the pain that they're experiencing.

They're in pain? Good.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 06:21 AM | Comments (3)

August 22, 2004

Blast from the Past

I got a pleasant surprise this evening when someone left a comment in the 'Cat in a Bowl' post and it was from a good friend of mine that I served in the Navy with here in San Diego. We had lost contact with each other a few years back and he stumbled upon my quaint little blog.

The Timekeeper over at Horologium talks about issues with a slight Libertarian twist. Go check him out; I've always found him to have a keen intelligence and a unique perspective on topics that I'd never considered.

UPDATE: It would help if I checked my spelling before I post.....it's spelled intelligence with two Ls.....doh!


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