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February 18, 2005

How Southern Are You?

Yankee or Dixie?

I scored a 69% - Definitely Dixie! (Not bad for someone who's been in California for almost 20 years)

(By way of Let's Try Freedom)

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:19 PM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:19 PM | Comments (3)

Operation THANK YOU, Pt II

Once again the San Diego Protest Warriors were out to show their gratitude to our armed forces - specifically, outside the gates of MCAS Miramar yesterday afternoon.

Da Goddess has photos and the after-action report.

This is the second action for Operation THANK YOU that I've missed out on because of school and dialysis. No more. I'll be there for the next one and I'll get photos too.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:18 PM | Comments (6)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:18 PM | Comments (6)

No Love - None At All

What did you expect - hugs & kisses??

Kyoto protest beaten back by inflamed petrol traders

WHEN 35 Greenpeace protesters stormed the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) yesterday they had planned the operation in great detail.

What they were not prepared for was the post-prandial aggression of oil traders who kicked and punched them back on to the pavement.

“We bit off more than we could chew. They were just Cockney barrow boy spivs. Total thugs,” one protester said, rubbing his bruised skull. “I’ve never seen anyone less amenable to listening to our point of view.”

But what was funny was this:
“They grabbed us and started kicking and punching. Then when we were on the floor they tried to push huge filing cabinets on top of us to crush us.”
Filing cabinets - heh.

What the hell did you clowns expect - passive acknowledgement?

Please - you deserve every punch and kick to the head for pulling a stupid stunt like this.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:47 PM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:47 PM | Comments (3)

February 16, 2005

Smart Choice

It's sad, but amazingly true:

Two engineering students meet on campus one day. The first engineer calls out to the other, "Hey -- Nice bike! Where did you get it?"

"Well," replies the other, "I was walking to class the other day when this pretty, young lady rides up on this bike. She jumps off, takes off all of her clothes, and says 'You can have ANYTHING you want!!'"

"Good choice," says the first, "her clothes wouldn't have fit you anyway."

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:30 AM | Comments (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:30 AM | Comments (1)

Attack Submarine?

Like a few other people, I'm finding this hard to wrap my brain around:

Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Jimmy Carter
USS Carter SSN-23WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy will commission its newest nuclear-powered attack submarine Jimmy Carter Feb. 19, during an 11 a.m. EST ceremony at Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, Conn.

The attack submarine Jimmy Carter honors the 39th president of the United States.

President Carter is the only U.S. president to have qualified in submarines. He has distinguished himself by a lifetime of public service, and has long ties to the Navy and the submarine force. Carter graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946, served as a commissioned officer aboard submarines, and served as commander-in-chief from 1977 to 1981. Carter's statesmanship, philanthropy and sense of humanity earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Here's hoping that her crew makes the name just another name...

Of course, Chris Muir puts it all into perspective with his cartoon 'Day by Day':

Attack Sub?

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:08 AM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:08 AM | Comments (5)

New Tax? I Don't Think So Tim....

I saw this yesterday, but wasn't exactly sure how to react to it:

States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile

Officials in car-clogged California are so worried they may be considering a replacement for the gas tax altogether, replacing it with something called "tax by the mile."

Seeing tax dollars dwindling, neighboring Oregon has already started road testing the idea.

"Drivers will get charged for how many miles they use the roads, and it's as simple as that," says engineer David Kim.

Kim and his team at Oregon State University equipped a test car with a global positioning device to keep track of its mileage. Eventually, every car would need one.

"So, if you drive 10 miles you will pay a certain fee which will be, let's say, one tenth of what someone pays if they drive 100 miles," says Kim.

The new tax would be charged each time you fill up. A computer inside the gas pump would communicate with your car's odometer to calculate how much you owe.

My initial thought was Yeah, right but here in California it's a distinct possibility.

But it would fail.

Read More of "New Tax? I Don't Think So Tim...."

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:00 AM | Comments (2)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:00 AM | Comments (2)

February 15, 2005

Bounty Offered

I can't find any source for it, but this morning I heard of an FBI operation that was concluded here in San Diego that busted seven men in a NAMBLA sting operation.

The men were stopping here in San Diego before heading to Mexico to have sex with 12-year old boys.

I heard this on the radio while taking my kid to school and was suprised to hear the next part: Rick Roberts has offered his listeners $1000 for each member of NAMBLA that he can expose on-air.

Yup - Rick has put a bounty on these pedophiles heads!! Bravo Rick!!

When I find something with more details, I'll post it here.

UPDATE: Here it is:

Seven NAMBLA Members Busted in Sex Sting

LOS ANGELES — Seven members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, including two teachers, were arrested in Southern California and charged with allegedly planning to travel to Mexico to have sex with boys, authorities said.

An eighth man was charged with distributing child pornography, said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

Four men were arrested in Los Angeles and three in San Diego Saturday.

They were charged Monday, following a sting operation in which each man allegedly paid hundreds of dollars to an undercover agent to arrange the sex, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said during a news conference Monday.

During the investigation, the FBI set up a fake travel company that offered a trip to Mexico to meet boys for sex, Eimiller said.

The men had allegedly traveled from their homes to Southern California with the expectation of boarding a boat to Ensenada, where they were told sex with the boys was awaiting them at a bed-and-breakfast, Eimiller said.

Through the undercover agent, she said, they requested that the boys be as young as 8 years old.

Here's hoping that they fall down many flights of stairs while in custody....

Read More of "Bounty Offered"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:27 AM | Comments (9)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:27 AM | Comments (9)

February 14, 2005

Can You Talk...?

I don't care if you're an Emergency Room physician helping out - don't answer your cell phone when you're on the toilet....there is something just so wrong with that.

If you get a call, let it go to voice mail or at most answer it and say I'll call you back in a few minutes.

Damn - some people's children....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:23 PM | Comments (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:23 PM | Comments (1)

Sad Indicators

You might be an engineering major....

  • If you have no life - and you can PROVE it mathematically.
  • If you know vector calculus but you can't remember how to do long division.
  • If you've actually used every single function on your graphing calculator.
  • If it is sunny and 70 degrees outside, and you are working on a computer.
  • If you know how to integrate a chicken and can take the derivative of water.
  • If you think in "math."
  • If you have a pet named after a scientist.
  • If you laugh at jokes about mathematicians.
  • If the Humane society has you arrested because you actually performed the Schrodinger's Cat experiment.
  • If you can translate English into Binary.
  • If you can't remember what's behind the door in the science building which says "Exit."
  • If you are completely addicted to caffeine.
  • If you consider ANY non-science course "easy."
  • If when your professor asks you where your homework is, you claim to have accidentally determined its momentum so precisely, that according to Heisenberg it could be anywhere in the universe.
  • If the "fun" center of your brain has deteriorated from lack of use.
  • If you'll assume that a "horse" is a "sphere" in order to make the math easier.
  • If you understood more than five of these indicators.
  • If you make a hard copy of this list, and post it on your door.
Sadly, almost all of these apply to me.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:24 AM | Comments (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:24 AM | Comments (1)

Blogger News Network

Robert Hayes of Let's Try Freedom was up late last night creating.

His creation? Blogger News Network for breaking stories in the blogsphere.

I'm curious to see if it'll stick to the wall - we'll have to wait and see.....Good Luck Robert!!

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:25 AM | Comments (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:25 AM | Comments (0)

February 13, 2005

Dr. Dean is on the Case

Big change is on the wind at DNC headquarters:

Dean Vows to Revamp Party

WASHINGTON — New Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean promised Saturday to rebuild the party in the most conservative regions of the country, help develop state and local organizations and let congressional Democrats set the tone on policy.

Electing Dean on a voice vote during their winter meeting, Democrats put the party's leadership in the hands of the skilled fund-raiser and organizer whose sometimes caustic, blunt comments have lead to controversy. The physician now must contend with a state-by-state political map in which Republican red overwhelms Democratic blue.

"I'll pretty much be living in red states in the South and West for quite a while," Dean told reporters. "The way to get people not to be skeptical about you is to show up and say what you think."

Dean promises to make the Democratic National Committee less sucky, less obtuse, and more relavant. He'll be coming to your town soon to cater to your every whim - mowing the lawn, washing the family pets, cleaning out the rain gutters - you know, everything that you wish the GOP would do except that Howie will be actuating on those desires.

In other news, Dean's infamous scream from the Democratic primaries is now the most popular substitute for the default 'Exclamation' sound in most personal computers.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:12 PM | Comments (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:12 PM | Comments (1)


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