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February 26, 2005

Say What?

I was told by my wife today that our kid ushered in a new era of parenting when she uttered the phrase:

Yo dog!

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:49 PM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:49 PM | Comments (3)

February 25, 2005

Cool Videos

It took me a while to locate it (mainly searching Mike the Marine's site) but I found the site where there is a bunch of cool military videos. It's called Grouch Media and it located here.

die_terrorists_die.jpgI highly recommend watching 'Die Terrorist Die' - download it and you might want to get the kids out of the room cause there's some B-A-D language in it.

You've been warned.

Download it here and enjoy.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:42 AM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:42 AM | Comments (3)

SDPW.Org is Up & Running

It's taken a while, but San Diego Protest Warrior has it's own site.

It'll be running as an extended weblog of the members of SDPW and I'm sure that we'll be upgrading it to allow membership applications to be utilized.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:39 AM | Comments (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:39 AM | Comments (0)

February 24, 2005

Patriots' Picnic

Smash has the word on something that San Diego Protest Warrior is working on for March 19th:

THE BIG EVENT will be on Saturday, March 19, in Balboa Park. This will mark the second anniversary of Iraqi Freedom, and the first anniversary of Rebecca's now-infamous speech.

As you recall, last year at this event I felt that I was surrounded in a sea of anti-American sentiment, and was unable to stand up and denounce the seditious rhetoric of the various speakers.

This year, however, we're going to turn the tables.

We're asking everyone in San Diego to celebrate Independence Day a little bit early this year. On March 19, from 1 to 4pm, come to the west end of Balboa Park for a Patriots' Picnic, in the grassy area along Sixth Avenue, just south of Laurel Street.

Wear red, white, and blue. Pack a picnic for your family and friends. Bring a football, soccer ball, or frisbee (leave the baseball bats at home). Laugh, play, and have fun. Balboa Park is open for everyone -- nobody can prohibit you from using it peacefully.

Oh, and if you feel the urge, you might want to bring along an American flag, or maybe a homemade sign expressing your support for our troops.

We're promising a safe, fun, and peaceful event. We'll be working with the San Diego Police to ensure that the opposing groups are safely separated, and we'll have some of our own security in place, as well.

Don't let the seditionists take over our park, again.

Come on out and show your pride in America!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, or to join forces with us, please send an email to: sdpw.org@gmail.com

And if you think it'll be six guys waving a flag - think again.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:25 PM | Comments (7)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:25 PM | Comments (7)

February 23, 2005

Karl Rove: Evil Genius

By way of LGF and Tim Blair comes the first glimpse into the mind of Karl Rove: Evil Genius

Democrat congressman Maurice Hinchey, speaking on CNN, persists with the idea that Karl Rove devised the fake Rathergate memos:

It doesn’t take an awful lot of imagination if you’re thinking about who it is that might have produced these false documents to try to mislead people in this very cynical way. It would take someone very brilliant, very cynical, very Machiavellian, and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to come up with the name of Karl Rove as a possibility of having done that.
Is Karl Rove truly that brilliant? Using contemporaneous reports and several eye-witness sources, this site is able to reconstruct the events of last August at Evil Rove Headquarters, located many miles beneath the earth’s surface:

(Rove enters the Chamber of Destruction and greets his assembled operatives)

Rove: Gentlemen. Ladies. Mr. Gannon. Mr. Murdoch.

(Various responses: “Hiya!” “Howdy.” “G’day.")

Rove: People, you have done good work. You have tirelessly attempted to undermine John Kerry’s bid for the presidency. And yet the latest polling shows that Kerry may still win.

(Murmured complaints: “Dang!” “This is soooo not happening.” “Can’t compete with a Magic Hat.")

Rove: Silence! I cannot tell you how much this disappoints and angers me.

(An assistant appears at Rove’s side with a baseball bat. He is waved away)

Rove: But now is not the time for fault-finding, or skull-crushing. Now is the time for action. Serious action. In fact, the most serious action it is possible for us to undertake.

Murdoch: You don’t mean ... ?

Rove: Yes. It is time for us to deploy the Doomsday Device.

(Several reel from the table in shock; two are ill)

Rove: Mr. Gannon, please fetch the Device. And put some pants on, for God’s sake.

Gannon: Y-yes sir. Right away, Mr. Karl, sir.

Read More of "Karl Rove: Evil Genius"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:17 AM | Comments (6)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:17 AM | Comments (6)

Heads Up

Conservatives, GOP Split on Illegal Workers

WASHINGTON — President Bush has told the nation he still plans to advance a proposal he made a year ago to grant temporary visas to illegal immigrants already in the United States, but many members of the conservative base that helped re-elect him say they staunchly disagree, and they are warning the White House not to take their loyalty for granted.

"What you have here is a huge grassroots base that hears about giving any sort of amnesty to illegal aliens, and they're ticked off," said William Greene, president of RightMarch.com, an activist organization that generates awareness of hot conservative issues and makes its members' positions known through targeted mail and faxes to members of Congress.

"You've got the base of the Republican Party, the grassroots conservatives, who got these people elected in the first place, and they're saying, 'we put you there for a reason, now how about doing something to stop the illegal immigration?'" Greene said. "We're saying that on this issue, your constituents are not with you, and you're going to have to watch your back because you have elections coming up."

Scroff (from Any Which Way) were chatting about this recently and I told him what this article says: that there are quite a few Republicans that, while supporting President Bush on a great many topics, will NOT support this 'guest worker/amnesty' program. There are quite a few of us really cheesed about this - so much that (at least I am) tempted to draw a line in the sand and say Cross this and you'll be sorry in 2006.

There are some things that go beyond blind allegiance to one's party and that's defending the integrity of our nation.

You want to immigrate to the United States - fine, great, but legally.

I'm seriously ticked off about this crap and the GOP had better do a heads up about this issue lest they (no pun intended) alienate some of their power base and ignore us.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:28 AM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:28 AM | Comments (3)

CWA - California Whiner's Association

They say that if you want the straight poop, go to the source.

To what am I referring?? I'm referring to the radio commercials being aired here in San Diego that basically whine about Governor Schwarzenegger cutting the education budget by $2 billion.

The commercial - paid for by the California Teachers Association - talks about the governor 'robbing' $2 billion from the Prop 98 funding last year and this year 'won't repay it!!'. It sounded a bit unlike Schwarzenegger, so I got off my dead butt and called the CTA office here in San Diego.

They were quite concerned why I was curious about their number used in this commercial and I was put on hold while they scrambled to find someone to 'splain it to me.

After assuring the guy that finally picked up that I wasn't with a media organization, he basically talked about how the monies from the Prop 98 fund - that are virtually untouchable - were diverted to the General Fund last year and that the governor was going to implement one of the catch-loops in the propostion that allows the state to deviate from the letter of the law.

I explained that while I wasn't an economic genius by any stretch of the imagination, I looked at the proposed budget and told him that I saw an increase in education spending. This gentlemen said, Yes, that's true....but blah-blah-blah-whine-whine-bitch-moan.

After I got off the phone, I looked up Prop 98 and examined the specifics of the suspension clauses that are written into the propostion. And guess what I found: the governor can - during times of economic crisis - invoke the 'maintenance' clause for Prop 98, which is what he did last year and will again this year. And after examining the aspects of how the state can do this while still upholding the letter and spririt of the proposition, there's nothing to bitch-n-moan about here - the CTA is making much ado about nothing.

Now, all of this happened last week; I wanted to sit and ponder this over the weekend - which I have.

The only reason I can think of that the CTA would be spending their members dues on running a commercial multiple times on multiple stations is that they're (pardon me Bill O'Reilly) looking out only for themselves. Gee....why am I not surprised?

Now, am I off-base with this analysis? Anyone a bit smarter than me in econ want to set me straight if I'm wrong? Maybe I need to smack myself in the head with a hammer a couple times to see how increasing budgetary spending in education is "robbing our children"...

Posted by Mad Mikey at 07:14 AM | Comments (1)

Big Boom

Here's a radar image of the storm that zipped through San Diego in the middle of the night.

For the first time in my 19 years in San Diego, I was woken up by thunder - LOUD thunder.

Seeing as how I haven't heard such thunder in years, it was....a little intimidating.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:06 AM | Comments (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:06 AM | Comments (1)

February 22, 2005

Happy Birthday George!

I was going to try to write something profound about the greatness that was and still is George Washington, but I think I'll let the guys at Power Line speak:

A rare greatness

Today is the anniversary of the birth of George Washington. Of all the great men of the revolutionary era to whom we owe our freedom, Washington's greatness was the rarest, the most necessary, and, at this remove in time, the hardest to understand.

Take, for example, Washington's contribution to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Washington's mere presence lent the undertaking and its handiwork the legitimacy that resulted in success. The convention's first order of business was the election of a presiding officer. Washington was of course the delegates' unanimous choice.

Presiding over the convention over that fateful summer, Washington said virtually nothing. In his wonderful book on Washington, Richard Brookhiser notes: "The esteem in which Washinton was held affected his fellow delegates first of all...Washington did not wield the power he possessed by speaking. Apart from his lecture on secrecy, Washington did not address the Convention between the first day and the last."

Go read the rest of the post.

I received a book on George Washington for Christmas from my mother-in-law and learned quite a bit about Washington the man, Washington the General, and Washington the Presdient.

The one thing that stood out about the man, the General, and the President was that while Washington was acutely aware that history was going to be the judge of the man in the years to come - a level of thinking that shows that he knew history was in the making with his every move - he was also a man that struggled to ensure what he did or didn't do was the right thing to do.

He's the kind of man that I've tried to emulate myself after...in a fashion that is - his ability to look long-term and in his ability to recognize that his actions and in-actions do indeed have an effect on others. This is something that I wish more people would realize before they do something that they think only affects them - cause most things aren't localized to the stupid sphere around any particular dipstick.

The book I read was called His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis. It's a good book and it's definitely worth the time and money to read.

One last thing comes to mind when I think of Washington: do you know what he'd be doing today if he were alive?

Scratching furiously.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:04 AM | Comments (2)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:04 AM | Comments (2)


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