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June 11, 2005

Give It a Rest Already

Indian Muslims ask a boy to urinate on a U.S. flag during a protest against the alleged desecration of the Koran during a demonstration in Calcutta May 20, 2005. Hundreds of Muslims staged a protest in reaction to a Newsweek magazine report, which was later retracted, of U.S. interrogators desecrating the Koran at the Guantanamo Bay prison. Red Cross and U.S. officials said on Thursday the International Committee of the Red Cross told the Pentagon as early as 2002 detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison had reported U.S. personnel mishandled the Koran. REUTERS/Jayanta Shaw

It's crap like this - especially when it isn't reported in the MSM - that gets me cheesed off. It's for exhibitions like this that some people look at Third World nations like India, Pakistan, and others as being populated with retards. I know....I know, this is just one snippet from this protest. But it people are going to take the possible actions of a few guards as the total collective mindset of a nation, then they have to realize that it works for everyone....not just those that think the United States is the B-A-D guy.

And what boggles me is that this story - the Koran *cough* desecration - was retracted by those numbskulls at Newsweek as 'unverifiable' yet Muslims all around the planet are acting like it was a Pay-per-View event that raked in a ton of money.

I'm waiting for someone to OPENLY take a dump on a Koran in public, takes photos of it, and then post them on the Internet. I'm just surprised that it hasn't happened....yet.

UPDATE: Someone left a gem of a link in the comments section. It would appear that someone already thought of what I had said about taking a dump on the Koran....except this is much better. And so is this. Oh yeah....and this too!!

Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:59 PM | Comments (5)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:59 PM | Comments (5)

June 10, 2005

Don't Doink

Pope Promotes Abstinence to Fight AIDS

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI urged African bishops Friday to keep up their fight against AIDS, reiterating church teaching that abstinence is the only "fail-safe" way to prevent the spread of the virus.

Seems quite simple: don't doink around with lots of people and you severely reduce the chances of contracting the Black Plaque of the 20th century.

The Pope's simple message reminds me of something Sam Kinison once professed:

If you don't trust the pu**y, why are you fu*king the pu**y!?
Next time you get that I-gotta-get-me-some-of-that-fine-looking-stuff feeling when looking at a member of the opposite sex (yes, chicks do stupid things too) just consider if DEATH is worth getting a piece of trim or a hot meat-stick....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:53 AM | Comments (18)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:53 AM | Comments (18)

Pointed Question to Dean

This is one of the reasons that I love to watch FoxNews and listen to reporters like Brian Wilson:

Dean's Appearance Has Media in a Sweat

After several seconds, a booming voice cut through the noise. It belonged to Brian Wilson, a Fox News correspondent who was standing in the middle of the crowd. He asked Dean "if people are focused on the other things that you've said about hating Republicans, about Republicans being dishonest and then this latest comment about the Republican Party is full of white Christians. You say you hate Republicans -- does that mean you also'' hate white Christians?

Dean didn't respond and Reid talked about having a "positive agenda." Wilson was so insistent that at one point, Durbin asked, "Does he run the press conference?" After Reid took the one question of the morning that was not about Dean (it was about Iraq) there were a host of disjointed and semi-decipherable follow-ups (none of which was about Iraq).

The people at FoxNews IMHO aren't afraid to ask pointed questions and that's what all of the media needs more of - hold people's (all across the political spectrum) feet to the fire and get in their faces.

And Brian Wilson had a point: if Republicans are just a bunch of 'white Christians' and Dean 'hates Republicans', does he indeed hate white Christians?

Just another example of why people (read: Dean) should fire some neurons before shooting their mouths off....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:33 AM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:33 AM | Comments (3)

June 08, 2005

Kiss Alive III

Here's a good way to de-compress from a final exam: Kiss Alive III

And you have to remember: God gave Rock-N-Roll to you....

Now that I'm listening to 'God Gave Rock-N-Roll To You II' it makes me want to go home and watch Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

Bill: Dude - Hell sucks!!

Ted: Definitely!!

Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:52 AM | Comments (3)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:52 AM | Comments (3)

People Steaks from PETA

Must be nice to have lots of time to do dipstick things like this.

From those 'touched' geniuses at PETA comes.....People Steaks!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, member Chris Link of Norfolk, Va., top, adjusts the cellophane covering on the costume of demonstrator Dezeray Rubinchik of Philadelphia, top right, during a protest in front of the Statehouse, in Providence, R.I., Monday, June 6, 2005

The protest, in which three people placed themselves in containers resembling supermarket meat trays, was meant to compare eating meat with cannibalism. PETA member Karolina Colwill of Sioux Falls, S.D., appears center.

Makes me want to go grill some animals now....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:35 AM | Comments (6)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:35 AM | Comments (6)

June 07, 2005

Trebuchet Project

I know what I'm gonna be doing this summer since I won't be taking summer classes: building a table-top Trebuchet.

I found the plans here and it looks like it'll be fun to do and a Dad-Daughter project my kid might enjoy working on with me.

I'll see what it'll take and if I have the means to do it. When I do and if it works, I'll attempt to post some video of it in action.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:23 AM | Comments (4)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:23 AM | Comments (4)

June 06, 2005

Need Clicks

Hey - I need more people to click on those ads on the left.


Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:25 PM | Comments (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 05:25 PM | Comments (1)

Old Joke

This photo reminds me of the old joke "Why do gorillas have big nostrils?"

"Big fingers"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:56 PM | Comments (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:56 PM | Comments (0)

If Only....

.....this was the definition by which I went through life every day....

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

You are the king of smooth -- enough said.

Take the What Pulp Fiction Character Are You? quiz.

(Glommed from Analog Kid at Random Nuclear Strikes)

Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:10 PM | Comments (2)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:10 PM | Comments (2)

Captive Audience

David Horowitz writes about a *cough* debate he was invited to participate in at Pacific Palisades High School.

One snippet of what he encountered is disturbing:

Indoctrination in High School

When I arrived at Pali High, the auditorium was filling up. I introduced myself to more than a dozen of the teenagers present and asked them if they knew why they were there. Only about four did. All of them said they were there because their teachers had brought them there. One of the students said the same group had been shown an antiwar film by the same English Department teachers a few days earlier.One of the teachers present was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of John Brown on the front and a political slogan advocating the use of force and violence to overthrow governments that were unjust. Of course, slavery is an issue that was decided 140 years ago, so obviously the incitement to armed revolution was directed at some other injustice. When I visited this teacher’s classroom some days later this suspicion was confirmed by the posters of Che Guevara and Mother Jones she had adorning her English classroom walls, along with a sign that said, "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam."

I'm all for discussion of all aspects of any given arguments, but this is exactly the type of complete crap that I worry about my kid being inundated with in school. Even in Junior High.

And this also speaks volumes about the different teacher's abilities to formulate an argument: they cannot, so they subject their students to listen in the name of teaching.

And exactly how does American English relate to the war in Iraq? It doesn't and that makes this all the more inane.

Yes - nothing says 'reasoned arguement' more than forcing students to listen to your weak arguments under the guise of education....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:33 AM | Comments (4)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:33 AM | Comments (4)

D-Day: June 6, 1944

Today in History - American Imperialism thrust upon unsuspecting French along Normandy Coast:


Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force!

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the German war machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely.

But this is the year 1944! Much has happened since the Nazi triumphs of 1940-41. The United Nations have inflicted upon the Germans great defeats, in open battle, man-to-man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Our Home Fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men. The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to Victory!

I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory!

Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

SIGNED: Dwight D. Eisenhower

If this were to happen today, the blood-curdling screams of QUAGMIRE!!! could be heard around Pluto's orbit....

Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:00 AM | Comments (2)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 08:00 AM | Comments (2)

June 05, 2005

Dipstick Taxation

Just when you thought that this issue was 'dead', along comes another attempt to tax the crap out of everything:

Majority of states pressing for taxing all Internet sales

DENVER - 9News has learned that 43 states have joined together in a coalition to collect sales tax on all Internet purchases.

You already pay sales tax when you go online to buy from an established business like Eddie Bauer or Wal-Mart. But a lot of small Internet businesses and individual transactions float under the radar.

The coalition is seeking expertise from Colorado's high tech industry to get the tax collection done electronically.

"The Internet Tax Freedom Act says that states cannot treat sales on the Internet differently than they treat any other kind of sale--and this system that we've created does exactly that," says Scott Peterson with the Conforming States Committee, which is spearheading the effort.

"It treats every sale exactly the same regardless if it's over the counter, over the catalogue, over the phone or over the Internet," he says.

The states say they've been losing as much as $16 billion annually to the Internet. They say that new software will make collecting the money almost automatic and that they can have a system in place by Oct. 1.

Colorado Governor Bill Owens says he doesn't like the idea and that Colorado won't be part of it.

"We're getting lots of taxes in terms of income taxes and other taxes because of the rise of the Internet, we shouldn't tax sales over the Internet," said Owens.

The proposal is for the new system to initially be voluntary. "So (unless) Congress were to act and make this mandatory, there would be no penalties," says Peterson. But there's a plus for businesses who do adopt the software. The states say the electronic system is so good, they'll designate participating businesses "audit proof."

Colorado Governor Bill Owens has it right: there's already enough tax income being generated. I have to believe that if you dig deep enough that you'll find that this was started by officials that are looking to fund their 'warm-fuzzy feeling' programs that cannot be sensibly integrated into most state budgets.

And I love that polite back-hand comment about companies that voluntarily commit to this would be "audit-proof" which to me implies that if businesses do NOT adhere will get the state tax boards crawling up their asses with a microscope often.

What a dipstick idea this is....Does this clown - Peterson - understand that probably 99.9999% of business owners aren't going to start increasing taxes on their customers because it would drive business away!? Probably not since he's on this dipstick committee instead of running a business.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 10:08 AM | Comments (7)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 10:08 AM | Comments (7)


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