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September 03, 2005

Didn't See This Coming...

And this is what I was predicting would happen:

Kanye West Rips Bush During NBC Concert

NEW YORK (AP) - It began, fittingly enough, with jazz from New Orleans natives Harry Connick Jr. and Wynton Marsalis. But "A Concert for Hurricane Relief," a heartfelt and dignified benefit aired on NBC and other networks Friday night, took an unexpected turn thanks to the outspoken rapper Kanye West.

Appearing two-thirds through the program, he claimed "George Bush doesn't care about black people" and said America is set up "to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off as slow as possible."

The show, simulcast from New York on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Pax, was aired live to the East Coast, enabling the Grammy-winning rapper's outburst to go out uncensored.


Comedian Mike Myers was paired with West for a 90-second segment that began with Myers speaking of Katrina's devastation. Then, to Myers' evident surprise, West began a rant by saying, "I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a black family, it says they're looting. See a white family, it says they're looking for food."

While allowing that "the Red Cross is doing everything they can," West - who delivered an emotional outburst at the American Music Awards after he was snubbed for an award - declared that government authorities are intentionally dragging their feet on aid to the Gulf Coast. Without getting specific, he added, "They've given them permission to go down and shoot us."

After he stated, "George Bush doesn't care about black people," the camera cut away to comedian Chris Tucker.

Geez....there's a time for ranting about how something could have or should have been done this way or that, this this *cough* musician shows what most of us already know: there's no such thing as 'critical thinking' or 'class' anywhere near Hollywood.

TROLL UPDATE: Apparently, I am the target of another troll:

Apparently there is no such thing as class here either since you seem to be doing an awful lot of pissing and moaning about people that are not praising Bush or thinking along the same lines as you do in this whole crisis.

You are a fucking piece of shit Mike.
Posted by go to hell at September 3, 2005 06:23 PM

I'd ask this *cough* person to point out where I am 'doing an awful lot of pissing and moaning about people that are not praising Bush', but like a good troll, they're too afraid to put an e-mail link to contact them at.


Now as for the other part - thinking along the same lines as you do in this whole crisis. - well, they're right in this. However - that's the entire point of putting up a personal blog; it's where I get to blather on about how I see things in this world and how I would do things.

I haven't offered one bit of criticism as to how I would have handled the evacuation of New Orleans - not ONE-LITTLE-BIT.

I HAVE critiqued what people are saying about what has happened/not happened, but apparently this troll who's sitting in his mom's basement wearing Spiderman pajamas (ugh, I crossed the cliche line with that one!) this is the same thing.

Well Madam Troll, I'd like you to come back and discuss this with me here. Or are you just gonna do a 'hit-n-run' comment and scurry back to your roach motel?

Ah, I get it now - the location of this particular troll is Creedmoor, North Carolina (IP address and unless he/she/it has spawned a brother or two, it's none other than everyone's favorite truckstop 'refreshment coordinator' Nunya aka NeoCunt. He probably trucked in from Maria's place where I managed to put in a comment about the New Orleans nightmare; guess he thought he'd 'show me'...huh?

I'm a little surprised that he/she/it didn't use some of those wonderful anonymous proxies from Poland or Germany which he feels makes him 'invisible'.

And seeing as how it's Nunya, I'd not expect him to come back since that would entail being made a fool of....again.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:31 PM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:31 PM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

September 02, 2005

Jackson is a Crackhead

Say what!?

Jackson Blasts Bush Over Katrina Aid

Jackson questioned why Bush has not named blacks to top positions in the federal response to the disaster, particularly when the majority of victims remaining stranded in New Orleans are black: "How can blacks be locked out of the leadership, and trapped in the suffering?"

"It is that lack of sensitivity and compassion that represents a kind of incompetence."

Jesse Jackson is definitely doing crack cocaine.

How do I know? Well, it's simple: anyone who blurts out something at fracking stupid about setting affimative action standards in the middle of a natural disaster has to be....fucking high.

Just when you think that there cannot be anything more stupid uttered in front of a television camera or microphone, along comes this clown to make even black people shake their heads.

I mean seriously - this sort of drug-induced, extra chromosone-influenced statement is just.....stupid. I don't think stupid can be mentioned enough in most sentences where Jackson is concerned.....damn!

Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:48 PM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:48 PM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0)

Today in Naval History

Taking a brief pause in the Hurricane Katrina nightmare, I'd like to mention that 60 years ago today in history a great struggle was finally coming to an official end:

Formal Surrender of the Empire of Japan on Board USS Missouri, 2 September 1945

"We, acting by command of and on behalf of the Emperor of Japan, the Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, hereby accept the provisions in the declaration issued by the heads of the Governments of the United States, China, and Great Britain 26 July 1945 at Potsdam, and subsequently to by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which four powers are hereafter referred to as the Allied Powers.

"We hereby proclaim the unconditional surrender to the Allied Powers of the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters and of all Japanese Armed Forces and all Armed Forces under Japanese control wherever situated.

"We hereby command all Japanese forces wherever situated and the Japanese people to cease hostilities forthwith, to preserve and save from damage all ships, aircraft, and military and civil property, and to comply with all requirements which may be imposed by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers or by agencies of the Japanese Government at his direction.

"We hereby command the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to issue at once orders to the commanders of all Japanese forces and all forces under Japanese control wherever situated to surrender unconditionally themselves and all forces under their control.

"We hereby command all civil, military, and naval officials to obey and enforce all proclamations, orders, and directives deemed by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to be proper to effectuate this surrender and issued by him or under his authority; and we direct all such officials to remain at their posts and to continue to perform their non-combatant duties unless specifically relieved by him or under his authority.

Read More of "Today in Naval History"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:44 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:44 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (1)

Smash's Plan

Smash has a plan to help out with the nightmare in the Gulf Coast states:


Here is what I propose we do:

We all have our expensive vices. Some of us like microbrewed beer, some prefer doubleshots of Starbucks Mochaccino, while others munch out on candy bars. How about we observe Lent in September this year? Choose your vice to sacrifice, calculate how much money you would save by abstaining for forty days, and donate the proceeds to disaster relief.

Forty days of sacrifice -- you can do it.

As for me, given my family's current financial situation, there isn't really much I can do. We're almost literally borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and this has been happening since April.

A little side story: Back in April, I finally qualified for Social Security Diability Income (SSDI) (I believe that is the correct name for what I'm going to start getting); I 'qualified' by dropping the number of hours I worked until I got below a specific income threshold.

The added pain-in-the-ass is that I had a five-month period that I had to maintain this amount of income to start getting my beginning this month. It begins this month, but I won't see a nickle until mid-October. The suck part of this is that I normally work full-time during the summer; since I had to maintain a 'poverty' level income to satisfy the social security folks, I haven't been able to make any money this summer.


Back to what I was talking about....I don't know if I'll be able to sacrifice much of anything - we're already scrimping & saving all over the place. Hell, the only reason I'm looking at getting high-speed broadband internet in the house is that I'd be paying the same amount of money for all the services that I'm getting now and I'd actually be saving $10 or $20 a month.

That being said, I say BRAVO!! to Smash for this idea. He is indeed an Officer and a Gentlemen.

See if you can meet or even beat Smash's contribution cause more and more it's looking like the Gulf Coast states are in a world of hurt.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:27 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 09:27 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (1)

August 31, 2005

Read the Label SWWNBN!!

You'll love this:

My Last Post from Crawford

Well, George and I are leaving Crawford today. George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego, so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused.


And, should I dare say "global warming?" and be branded as a "conspiracy theorist" on top of everything else the right-wingers say about me.

Oh SWWNBN....you really should consult a physician before mixing prescription medications. And stop taking those 'vitamins' that your controllers are pushing down your throat.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:18 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 04:18 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

Leo to Save Gulf States

Somehow I have a feeling that this has 'DOOM' written all over it:

NBC U Slates Katrina Benefit

The NBC Universal Television Group, which has been active in raising money during previous national disasters, has scheduled a live benefit special, A Concert For Hurricane Relief, in high-definition on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC at 8 p.m. Friday.

The hour music- and celebrity-driven broadcast will air live on the East Coast, tape delayed on the West.

The telethon, hosted by NBC's Matt Lauer, will be broadcast entirely from 30 Rock.

The special will feature performances by artists with ties to the affected areas, including Tim McGraw, Harry Connick, Jr., and Wynton Marsalis, and feature an appearance by Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

All viewers will be encouraged to donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund in support of hurricane relief through its website and donation hotline (www.redcross.org or 1-800-HELP NOW).

Don't get me wrong - I think it's a great idea to raise money to help the people of the Gulf Coast.

I just have a feeling that someone in that broadcast will say something stupid that infers that:

  1. All of this is somehow President Bush's fault, and/or
  2. President Bush could have prevented this, and/or
  3. Something totally inappropriate about the war in Iraq and/or the War on Terror.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I wouldn't put it past some of the Hollyweird morons to try and be 'in-your-face' about this.

But what will make this all-the-more special will be the special an appearance by Leonardo DiCaprio! [/retching]

Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:46 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 03:46 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (1)

SWWNBN Death Spasms

This is almost too stupid to believe:

Cindy Sheehan to protest against Blue Angels air show in Maine

BRUNSWICK, Maine The woman leading protests against President Bush's conduct of the Iraq war will protest a Blue Angels air show in Brunswick, Maine, next month.

Bruce Gagnon (GAHNG'-yuhn) of Maine Veterans for Peace says Cindy Sheehan will be the featured guest at a protest outside the Brunswick Naval Air Station on September tenth.

Sheehan, whose son Casey died in Iraq, camped outside the president's Central Texas ranch a month ago to demand a meeting with him. The Vacaville, California, woman hasn't gotten an audience, but she attracted a lot of support. She's promised to carry her protest to Washington and beyond after Bush goes back to work.

Bush has said he sympathizes with Sheehan's loss, but thinks it would dishonor the soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq to pull out before the job is done.

Let's see - listening to a psycho lady bitch about the President not seeing her or seeing the most awesome flight demonstration team known to mankind?

Hmmmm......it's a toughy.

Gotta go with the Blues. SWWNBN has exhausted her '15 Minutes of Fame' and is IMHO trying to extend her relavence in the spotlight. Sooner or later she's gonna be one of those smelly psychos that walk along the street talking to their shoes and screaming at random objects.

I mean seriously: what would be the point in protesting the Blue Angels? Geez - I've known psycho-leftist protesters that go to watch the Blues perform and they don't say 'BOO' about it. Even my wife who 17 years ago was more 'peace-n-love'-like even enjoyed watching the show.

This actually hits a little close to 'home' for me - my father flew with the team right after it's creation back in 1946 and other than my family and my country (in that order) do I hold anything more 'near-n-dear' to my heart. I think that the only time I didn't enjoy watching the Blue Angels do a show was the one time I had a migraine headache. Almost every year I go to MCAS Miramar to watch them fly - it's never boring.

So, Ms. SWWNBN - you can officially go pound sand up your ass as far as I'm concerned.

And as far as attempting compare the U.S. Navy Blue Angels to your weak & sorry excuse for a *cough* cause is like comparing the Queen Elizabeth II to a candy wrapper floating in a cesse pool.

You don't even come CLOSE lady - not by any stretch of the imagination or in any sort of 'alternate universe'.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:56 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:56 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)

Status Confirmed

By way of Citizen Smash comes an increase in the Tsunami of Tstupidity here in San Diego, specifically those Rhodes Scholars from Code Pink.

And what is it that 145% qualifies them in having that extra chromosone? They are protesting in front of Balboa Naval Hospital. I guess they didn't want to be left out of the fun since Code Pink in Washington, D.C. was (and still is) protesting in front of Walter Reed Medical Center.

No need to track this one through FedEx online - it's confirmed: they're complete morons!

Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:21 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 12:21 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

August 30, 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome Surfaces Again

It had to happen sooner or later: the ever fun-loving Bush Derangment Syndrome (BDS) would now be attached to weather events:

Katrina Should be A Lesson To US on Global Warming

Seems like everything is President Bush's fault. One day after Katrina hammered the Gulf Coast, German commentators are laying into the US for its stubborn attitude to global warming and Kyoto.

Hurricane Katrina is big news for German commentators, whatever their ilk. For some, the powerful storm which slammed the Gulf Coast on Monday, is a symbol of the sort of environmental terrors awaiting the world thanks to global warming and proof positive that America needs to quickly reverse its policy of playing down climate change. For the more conservative, it is simply another regrettable natural catastrophe.

...a symbol of the sort of environmental terrors awaiting the world thanks to global warming??

Firebombing Dresden was an environmental terror you schmucks.

Whether these German 'commentators' have an carte blanche in throwing this crap at us right after a freakin hurricane, they might want to take a moment....reflect on their world and realize that their Mercedes Benz aren't spewing out refreshing lilac scents.

And it's not surprising to see that they were the first (I believe) to show more symptoms of BDS. I honestly thought that the Extra Chromosome Gang over at The Daily Kos or the Democratic Underground would be the first, but I was wrong....it was the Germans.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 02:45 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 02:45 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)

New Orleans - Bad & Worst Seem

During most natural or man-made disasters, you see that the best in people comes out....helping strangers or the police & emergency technicians, acts of extreme bravery. The kind of stuff that gives most people that 'warm, fuzzy' feeling.

And then sometimes you see that some people are just plain leeches and will take advantage of a bad situation:

Looting Takes Place in View of La. Police

NEW ORLEANS - With much of the city flooded by Hurricane Katrina, looters floated garbage cans filled with clothing and jewelry down the street in a dash to grab what they could. In some cases, looting on Tuesday took place in full view of police and National Guard troops.

At a Walgreen's drug store in the French Quarter, people were running out with grocery baskets and coolers full of soft drinks, chips and diapers.

When police finally showed up, a young boy stood in the door screaming, "86! 86!" — the radio code for police — and the crowd scattered.

Denise Bollinger, a tourist from Philadelphia, stood outside and snapped pictures in amazement.

"It's downtown Baghdad," the housewife said. "It's insane. I've wanted to come here for 10 years. I thought this was a sophisticated city. I guess not."

Around the corner on Canal Street, the main thoroughfare in the central business district, people sloshed headlong through hip-deep water as looters ripped open the steel gates on the front of several clothing and jewelry stores.

One man, who had about 10 pairs of jeans draped over his left arm, was asked if he was salvaging things from his store.

"No," the man shouted, "that's EVERYBODY'S store."

I remember seeing the video of people looting everything in sight right after the LA riots in 1992. The next day, people were having yards sales to sell the stuff they looted - sometimes with the store's price stickers still on the stuff!

Why do people do this kind of crap? Are they that petty that that they'd steal a lollipop from a kid which is pretty much what this garbage amounts to, i.e., looting stores that are not protected.

I feel for the people of New Orleans after all this hit them in a very short time, but I would have no problem if the National Guard fired a few warning shots over the heads of these looters....none what-do-ever. Here's hoping that those looters pick up some nasty crap from the water....

UPDATE: Some one left a comment that quite frankly I wish I had thought of:

Where are all the foreign offers for aid in the wake of Katrina?
Seriously - does anyone seriously think that we'll be getting any sort of humanitarian aid from the rest of the world?

F*ck no!!

We'll get criticism about how we're to blame because this is a symptom of 'global whining warming' (see above post).

And the next time there's another happenstance of 'shit happens' like the tsunami in the Indian Ocean last December, expect the United States to get a steaming hot mug of why-are-you-helpin-you-f*cking-greedy-Americans???

Ah hypocrisy - it is the fabric in which the world expects us to cover them in and we're to have shit-eating grins on our faces while we do it.

(Sorry for the f-bombs and the lapse in proper/clean English.....this sort of crap makes me lose my mind sometimes...)

Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:54 PM | Comments (8) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:54 PM | Comments (8) | TrackBack (0)

Operation THANK YOU Continues...

Citizen Smash beat me to it in announcing the latest installment of Operation THANK YOU here in San Diego.

While the Barking Moonbat Brigade™ detachment here in San Diego will be doing.....something near the Hotel Del Coronado this evening, San Diego Protest Warrior will be conducting Operation THANK YOU in Coronado at the intersection of 4th Street and Orange Avenue from 5pm to 7pm.

If you're able, come join us in thanking San Diego's military for kicking ass & taking names. And remember: this isn't a poltical event, so don't bring along 'polarizing' signs. Just flags and signs that basically say 'Thank You'.

CHANGE OF PLANS: Due to the fracking eye infection getting worse, I won't be there with Proest Warrior this evening. The infection has made me so sensitive to light (for the moment) that it's not safe for me to drive; right now my face is about eight inches from the monitor.


UPDATE: This is why I hated having to miss Operation THANK YOU last night:

WITHOUT WARNING, a black SUV rounded the corner from Orange Ave. on to 4th St., slowing almost to a stop in front of our position. The rear window came down, and an elderly gentleman with gray hair, glasses, and a mischievious grin stuck his head out the window, smiled, and waved.

"Thank you!" he said to the startled group of Protest Warriors, before driving off towards San Diego.

A moment of stunned silence passed.

“Was that…”

“It was!”

“That was AWESOME!”

It was Donald Rumsfeld, in the flesh.

Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:08 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 01:08 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

First Impressions

There's nothing 'interesting' to me in the news that's worthy of blogging about, so I'm falling back on a trusted stand-by: humor.

I was reminding one of my old professors at SWC about some of the important first impressions she had to make on her students this semester from the following list.


Read More of "First Impressions"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 10:42 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 10:42 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

August 29, 2005

A Touching Moment in the Life of Cindy

This is laugh riot from Little Green Footballs.

How Phony Can They Get?

Here's an image that's supposed to make you burst into tears over the pain and suffering that Cindy Sheehan has endured. Al Sharpton - Reverend Al - is there to give comfort (and talking points) to Cindy in her hour of need.

And here's what the situation really is: a huge media orgy that's about as 'sincere' as a shark attack.

Can you say 'Crock of shit'?

What do you bet that the 'string pullers' in Camp Cindy start attempting to limit/control the access of media to prevent the facade from slipping again like this?

Read More of "A Touching Moment in the Life of Cindy"

Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:31 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)
Posted by Mad Mikey at 11:31 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)


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